Now You! My Dear, I Thought You Must Of Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth! Must I Wait So Long? Get On With It!

I have departed company and I have counted on one hand whom my closest friends shall be and who are my close confident of friends and you may be on the list. But who knows I may resurface and maybe I’ll add you and who knows where this may lead to.  As I’ve said, to do as I have before, I mean you’re real aren’t you.

I could sit here and wait for the rest of my life to be over and why not, all the thrill has gone. I should just write letters and these are my thoughts, to express my feelings to my friends those of my own pen pals. Sometimes I wish to write them a bold letter labeled as snail mail and I will. That is, I would write to my friends all of them but they would probably never write back.

I could forever dream of them while sitting here in this place. I’m sitting here and wasting away my time because I’m thinking of a place or such places similar to the same familiarities or the kinds of activities we’ve experienced and I’m sensing you are here too. The weather has always been nice here and in those places and in my mind it is what I prefer. May you have the courage as well to do all those things I have done. This is my hope. That’s what’s behind this, this is why I’m sitting here, this is why I’m thinking of you, thinking about my friends.



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