The DuQuoin State Fair

What happens to us when we get old. What happens to the mind and to the body when you decide to stay out and not come home until past midnight.

That morning you awoke at 4 A.M. and you’ve taken a trip. Now in the afternoon while there and away from home you have decided to stay and attend a rock concert. This was a ‘spur of the moment’ decision.


Oh, it will be outside and at night in the cool of the evening and will be informal. I’ll ask myself if it’s the way they wear their elegant attire, “I don’t know, mine are the clothes I still have on, no more than these motorcycle clothes I’m wearing.”  I’ve certainly had them on all day. I wasn’t going home to take a shower to change clothes and cool off just to have supper and then return, I live far away.

What if there was a real good suckling pig, some pork barbeque to eat at the fair grounds. And too, with all the usual side dishes; coleslaw, pork-n-beans and potatoes. It will all taste real good right about then in the cool shade inside a hospitality tent and with some cooling system in place. This will be your dinner and here is a place to relax before the big concert. No, I was here and because I lived over a hundred miles away I will be staying. The concert will be starting in just a few hours.

And of course there’s the excitement and fun atmosphere down on the midway with the carnival rides, the carnival games, cotton candy and candied apples.


You know you will want to handle those night time festivities and be awake. You’ll be up past midnight. It’s nothing but a thing,  not-a-thing.

I remembered at a youth camp where I attended when I was very young, we would go from that last thrown pitch of the ball when the baseball game had finished to standing in line for supper at the cafeteria. This was at youth camp. There wouldn’t be any time to go freshen up, the showers were closed off at this time and you couldn’t even stop to rest or take a nap.

Now who among us will be around for many more years of traveling. It’s a party and I’m staying. More years you may ask? May you be blessed clearly with more years.

If it’s the kind of road, several roads and we know where they can be found, you’re riding your motorcycle or driving your car and are taking it easy having a good time, the road is long enough so you can travel as many miles as you would like, these roads that are part of your journey. The Road Is To Your Friend. The Road Is My Friend Too.

What happens now to the mind and to the body when our physical bodies get tried and we wish to go home yet we’ve come into a situation being away at night and away from our home. What happens when our thirsts and our hunger because at that moment it becomes evident that our hunger and thirst overwhelms us. Whenever we gather for dinner at home yes, our wine glasses are full, we will feed ourselves, have fed ourselves the foods of our choices and this will be sufficient enough to have ate our fill and now we’re full and know it, we’re done!

I have been riding all day, I would have stayed out until night fall yet as you may have guessed it, I got tried and hot and was completely exhausted. So I returned home at a good time, it was happy hour. Sometimes I think for what?

I usually take a shower when I get back home. I will cool off and drink something refreshing.

 There were these teenagers, I’ll get run over I know I will but I felt so good for them, no, bad for them because they may know I’ll sleep in a fancy hotel.


 The front of our house faces to the east and the sun sets in the rear of the house, to the southwest that’s just how it is. Yes, our kitchen faces south too, it’s towards the back of the house and inside our windows have strong sunlight coming through, a very bright radiant sunlight shines through especially of an evening where it has begun to warm up inside. But even while the air conditioner is running it still makes the house warmer inside, that is if the window coverings have been open all day. The rear windows are facing the southwest towards the setting sun. It’s time for dinner!

You’ve had a comfortable life and never do we get to go to these concerts.

I have come here to this place during the day where I’ve stayed all day. This state fair grounds is located in DuQuoin, Illinois.

I could go select the seats I wanted which are no doubt on the front row.

And as for the one’s just arriving well, they are in their comfort zones. They’ll just seat themselves. They’ve been in the comforts of their homes up to this point and now they are refreshed. It’s as if they were staying inside in their air conditioned homes and of course this was their pattern of life.

Myself, I have been out all day in the heat of the summer sun. I’ll need some time out though. Well, I’m staying for the concert!


Lets see, when it rains and in the summertime and if I’m at home I will need a nap:

1. I need a nap during the day so I can recoup from the sleep I miss. I’ll roll over to wake up eventually and at a good time however but not before it gets dark outside because you know, that’s when I will go to bed.

2. I need to wake up in the Czech Republic or in Prague but perhaps and more likely in the North of Italy.  And yes, I’ll need a drink as an appetizer because it’s near dinner time. Okay, I do like the places of Northern Italy and I want some of their wines. So yes, I’ll have a glass of wine.

3. The weather well, it would need then to have rained during my slumbering, where I slept so soundly during my nap and it did just that and I never heard a thing. The rooms you know are so sound, the windows and tapperella’s are shtick (shut). The rain has been gently pitter patterning down upon the roof all afternoon. The roof is deadening the sounds, it’s on their clay tile roofs the way they are made over in that part of the world. I will have slept soundly in fact I usually do whenever there are these siestas.

4. I will be awaken by then, after having drank my wine, a sufficient enough wine, add the sugar levels as this helps to make me wake-up promptly.

5. Now that I am awake after my much needed nap this has been during the day and in the afternoon while it has been raining. Now I will want something to eat. I wish to smell those fragrances of food as they are being cooked as this fills the air. I much more prefer to recognize the smells of oils as they heat up to fry the skillet fish or the fresh produce as it is made into a salad or the fruits. I want these fresh smells to be my favorite dishes.

6. Later, I am taking a walk outside and down to the little village bar and that’s in order to eat our ice cream and meet our friends and acquaintances, to touch bases so to speak. I’m thinking I’ll be there until midnight forcibly so because I am now well rested because of my nap.

7. This is just what we did, sometimes and most all of the times. The plates we ate out of, we never spit in them. We love our little place in the world. This was our pattern of life. We fell into that pattern of life, over a period time and this was out of love. This is simply what the good people of the world do.

 Now, I’ll be staying up until past midnight. It’s a party and I’m staying!


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