Where’s The Fun Factor

Mini Bikes For Sale At Walmart for $479.00.


So I find this interesting because I know young men and also young ladies just starting out would never decide to purchase a motorcycle that weighs over 900 lbs. and costs over $29,000.

That’s right because there needs to be a way to get others involved with this sport, the sport of riding motorcycles.

Many people including myself have been riding motorcycles for many years and probably, and I’m reaching here, have started out riding mini bikes or simular small motorcycles.

These small motorcycles and mini bikes are what our mothers or parents didn’t know anything about, they didn’t even know of our whereabouts because as kids we were outside having fun.

Our parents having dealt with free range parenting, these parents would have been shocked to find out their sons or daughters are riding the neighbor’s mini bike.

That’s right!

Where’s the fun factor!  Right here!


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