The Girl in The Park

Beyond is a sense of what lies ahead. We don’t sense the turmoil. The seasons are a cycle, an uproar if where the disarray properly lies.


The other day I met these people they were adrift. I met a girl in the park.

Our conversation started off well, we began talking together quite fluidly.

We began to hit it off, it seems we like one another and we do.

Him: “I am a beanstalk standing there where the beanstalks have stood.”

Her: Call Me!

Him: “Call You?”

Him: “Funny.”

Her: “When?”

Her: “You’re different.”

“How the Frick am I different?”

“That’s how this works!”

Her:”You’re out of character.”

His reply: “Duh, your a cunt!”

Her: “You’re Out, Fuck You!”

It seems we do like one another

and we still do.


“My phone is…”

“No, your Facebook. ”

“Oh, but she’s pretty and this will force me, I guess into that situation where I Am The Man,” he thought.

“I’ll tell you what pretty lady, why don’t you go on that other website and I’ll message you there. My messages there will be more beneficial to their deeper meaning.”

He didn’t tell her it was because this gave him the biggest hard on.

“And what website is this, I’m assuming it’s a social network website?”

“Oh, it’s big, real big in fact. I like it too!”

“Okay, what is it?”

“It’s called Pinterest.”


She barely has heard of this Pinterest and never has ever used it before. Now she’s thinking he’s a dumbass and a social deviate or just some weird ass hole.

“Okay, how do I do that.”

And he’s heard this before, it’d be foreign to her all of those pretty cutie pies, those little dear misses, they barely know anything about this ‘Pinterest’.

“Have you ever heard of message boards?”

“Oh yeah, but weren’t they like forums and you participate in designing or whatever?”

“So they started selling pictures online which was an easier job to do and they were good at this, they are individuals on a more professional level. This is their job, it’s what they do. So they have taken a bunch of photos with all this equipment and are attempting to sell them over the Internet. That’s what Pinterest is.”

“Well, how does that relate to messages, is this like those spas or forums or message boards as you call them?”

“Now who’s the dumbass,” he thought to himself.

“It is necessary to define yourself Honey, showing yourself, your selective photographs and these are your messages..more beneficial to their deeper meaning!”

She had a frustrated look on her face, rolls her eyes, “Oh, I see.”

No she doesn’t.

“Huh, I thought you were a lesbian?”


“Isn’t that your partner over there and she’s dancing and exercising in the sun all the time the way the Chinese do having their fun?”

Now he trys to wiggle his way out of the fierce topic that he started. He always sees her with the little misses dancing. “Do you like music?”

Bisexual or not her reply was, “Eat Me!”

“Excuse Me?”

Oh, now he begins to like her a little better. Because he’s ‘The Man’. He doesn’t care what her sexual preferences are, this isn’t an issue with him he’ll just about fuck anything provided they are a woman.

He thought, “Oh, was that a question or was that a request for me to eat her?”

“I’m starting to feel you,” she tells him obviously finding his wiggle room.

I met these people they were adrift. I met a girl in the park.


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