A Roadside Place

He asks her, “I don’t let on, what’s going on?” They were kissing and making out in their car.


Along side the place on the road the cars began to come into the parking lot area.

This young couple’s space had been invaded, the parking area is where they were parking. They were the only ones in the parking lot. It had been only them and they were making out, kissing and doing whatever young people do so everything would have been just fine yet their space was invaded. The night was going to be a busy night at the Twinkling Star Roadside Tavern. It was the night of the Homecoming. The football game was over.

Perhaps this was a roadside tavern from the early years of 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.


Now, I like this apps, it helps me to create a picture that I like. This is what I want to capture, this is the effect I’m trying to get. Sometimes I’m trying to upload a filter, many filters many apps  repeatedly, I even try the one I want, yet they all keep failing miserably although I try and try again and again.

Here is the one I wanted.


He likes this apps the one he’s using. He is trying with this photograph to capture a specific imagine of a time gone by . Sometimes he tries, but he fails, he tries repeatedly to upload the imagine with a filter, many filters, again it fails. He tries and tries again. The right one will eventually come along and it did.


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