The Gentleman

The Gentleman

I was trying to read what was going on inside of my mind. Something pertaining to these thoughts I have, either way this was going to wait another day. I keep on opening the book I’m reading, read some of it’s content and then quickly close it up again. I immediately open up a new book and start reading it… I just have seen the book’s movie so I am very much interested to start reading this book.

Now, I have a great thought. All I have to do is walk away from whatever it is that I’m doing at home of reading my books, listening to my music-my playlist and dismiss it for another 24 hours or until later. Oh, and that television is blaring on the cable news channel but I will turn that off because I can’t allow too much information and all this action -of the last channel viewed and my books yes, I’m reading two books at once. I will turn off the internet too and that music. I can’t concentrate.

Yes, that was the thought, to notice the little things around the room and then depart. I would leave things untouched in my home for when I returned. I would see the place as I had left it and what I had been doing or thinking, reading. See it all.

And I never did it. I saw it as if I’d seen it that way, all of it, in my mind. No harm, no foul and no one got hurt or blamed for anything. “They’re gone, gone!” Who would care? “You would care,” I told myself. But you know that’d be neglectful. It would be disgusting. No, If I did leave I would spend a week deep cleaning my home. That’s because when I return things will be in order. When you return you want to relax. And there’s the gardener and the housekeeper to pay. It’s part of being a homeowner and the additional caretaking, the checking, the vigilance and the work.

This wasn’t the first time getting away and some may call this a hiatus. I can’t wait to return to that part of the world again!

I wrote to her some weeks before my departure:

“Thank you for your clemency and for forgiving me. I get the all clear and you’re not delineating astuteness of my ways. I can see you’re not sultry or anything, sulking or pouting. You are being forthright and I see no deceptive involvement if that’s what people do in those area projects where you live. And you were right in your coming out. The storm is about to unfold as that skin of ours flushes and we’re skirting our nakedness.”

Yes, it was and it did and I have. And I’m just looking back on everything that I have done -the last time to that part of the world. I can say that I did enjoy, really enjoy doing this. I can look back to where I’ve been, the many spectacular places where we visited and with these people, friends. On occasions we traveled together to different localities, I was happy to do this. Happy, that’s right!

I’m always ready though when the time comes to get back to my home because I need to rest, some time to restore my engines so to speak.

Well, whatever your itinerary happens to be whether it will be a week or several weeks or many months, to include the in-transit time it takes to get there, this takes it’s toll out on you. I can look back and become envious of my youth and it’s something we all face or will face but giving up is not an option. I still love my experiences of trekking if you wish to call it that traveling to different parts of the world. This is why I try to keep myself in good physical condition.

I wrote to her sometime later after I returned home:

“Thank you for your clemency for forgiving me and giving me the all clear. Nevertheless you hold me at my self worth but I am capable of nothing much at this point. When I left you I have precisely halted all our outings and what we do together, the affordable things we did together and my attention I gave you. This was our habit where you and I have spent enjoyable good times together. You were solid, of astuteness and had cunning ways where you would deny the obvious lying about what the facts were. Just be yourself and be who you are and nothing else! You are a good person. Thank you though for being something to me. That’s all I’m saying. God you’re so sexy!”

How about you. Are you in good physical shape to travel globally and be travel ready at a moments notice? Where’s the excitement, where are all those many adventurous places and who’s ready for undertakings of such adventures?


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