This is Lucy’s Bar

Then this is where you and I once met.  You and I both came here, then we noticed a vacant table so we sat down together. We started talking and when we introduced ourselves you became awkward and you became shy, you clammed up. It was the bitterness as we drank our teas as we drank our first beers, the bitterness of our first steps on our first date of our sacrificial beers. But we met here. This was in the summertime. The was doing things in a hot and spicy way and being busy. Yes, busy!

We were having hors d’oeuvres, anchovies and those bruschetta and while we were both talking and shouting, our voices could hardly be heard.

We spoke well. I have spoken to her ‘Very Good’ I thought. And we are dreaming, in fact this is the appointed time of happy hour and this is a happening place. I spoke to her, “I’ll forever be here for you Darling, so let’s remember this and those outbursts, I will so forever love to hear them, even all the more. So let us begin.”

He could hardly ever remember loving her, it’s just that he does remember her, being described as ‘Friends’ and feeling alive.

That’s when he began to imagine how one could begin to physically describe the words like Grandeur or Inflamed? And then proceed to give their imaginative efforts, those effects describe by using your own hands?

He needed to be assertive, entertain her and for her to be his captivated audience.

Well, I was a nerd and out of it came my improprieties, all my conscience and cumulative desires and with that, some things don’t add up…she has the slightest smile across her face.

This place is called Lucy’s Bar.


This particular place was where I first saw you. Then after a few drinks, glances and stares we met. Do you remember we first met on that level of ours, when we came into this folly. Of course, we’re playing our parts where we picked one another apart, our voices riding an octave higher and apart, syncopating in the harmony. The sounds of the music and the entertainment were echoing loudly. We were both talking at once shouting our voices raised this was because of the music. But we hardly knew each other, so the music was a good thing.

That one person, I can’t budge her. I think she has fallen off the face of the Earth or has became seriously ill as in, not well meaning nothing unless…perhaps I haven’t learned about her, I’ve been ill-advised.

But you know I would rather have been kicked out of the place or asked to leave for all the commotion I stirred, and also to have been booted off her friends list and even blocked out, but never stuck there considered as being a wallflower, those who take up space.

Now, I’ve taken it upon myself to go to Lucy’s Bar, so quite often I frequent the place, in fact, I have noticed another one and she’s the shy party. I do this partly because I love those faces, those who show up, they radiate what love is all about and as always their faces beg my for attention. They’re attractive, they look at you.

Oh, last night I went out and one lovely lady was sitting there and I talked to her, “Listen do you live in a beautiful town?  Oh, it’s all good.” You never seem to realize the look of responses they give, that when you exploit their person on a more personal level.

Yes, Lucy’s Bar it’s all good!


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