Two Different Riders Two Different Ideas

I’m here to manage my time more precisely. I’m trying to muster up enough courage with my new ambitions all of them and bring them into fruition. Well, that’s the plan. Maybe just to decide part of them just some of my plans. I hope to garner up enough courage to do this. I think those things I have are good ideas. I’m good at ideas and for the running order of the day, truth is I don’t know if this is too smart of an idea.
 I wanted to do this and my wish list is welcoming these ideas. This is where you will rein in all of your thoughts of the moment for what you’re doing and what you’re going to do and which ones are more important to you and more meaningful to you. You may go about this sometimes but you just can’t sit on your plans and you really don’t know how this will work out or what you’re inputs should be. What do you have to offer for this? It needs to be planned out carefully.

No, there are there fewer things which I think have alighted their wonder like getting ready for role-playing, it’s a hat trick. 

It is important to me to do this and the sooner I mention this the better. Whose to say where this may lead.
They eventually asked me and I answered them, “Maybe they are whimsical in their young lives.”  These young people hey, they didn’t want to work very hard  and in fact they have wanted to play. Meaning they didn’t want to work at all!  Okay, how were these young people going to support themselves. Well, they have eventually gone off to work somewhere.  I too have habits unlikely to be understood. Now, I fall into that category although I however qualify for my ramblings, I am retired. 
We arrived here by the riverside near Smithland, KY.  You have to go out and find your ride. Get out there on the day of and begin your day’s ride, a route of your choosing. Some riders may come along with you but most never will.
Well, we sort of taking this day’s ride on the spur of the moment. My friend calls me up and asks me if I wanted to go on a ride and will I be ready in an hour. 
Oh so like, “Yeah, I’ll go!”
We never know where we’re going yet we make our voices heard.
So we began our ride but this all changes quickly to a completely different direction and a different route.  And I know of a place that has picnic tables and is a perfect place where we could stop and have lunch. This spot is in another state and we could grab some lunch at a fruit stand that is near by these picnic tables.
All I am saying is you wouldn’t do this if you were taking your car. Well, maybe you would if you had a comfortable cabriolet and on a good day.
Getting back to the ride and for sure planning your ride is of big importance.
I’m the type of long distance rider who gets up early and likes to ride for hundreds of miles during the day.
I usually do this by going alone. It’s okay, I’ve been doing this forever. My usual riding Buddy for reason I don’t why, he doesn’t ride to such great distances. I don’t know why but perhaps yes, I do know why.  This isn’t my problem but either way it is what it is. I just know you increase with your experiences and you change and you morph into greater things and you will ride farther and as you except these challenges etc.  you eventually will go for it, he however hasn’t done this.
Our ride here today isn’t one of my favorite rides. This is not one my choices or places to ride to but nonetheless I have enjoyed the company of another rider coming along with me.
If I could technically adjust this ride where we would have taken hwy 60 from Ledbetter all the way through Marion, KY and then on to Sturgis, KY. We would have then crossed the Ohio River near Smoking Joes Convenience Store and which is located along beside the road that leads across the river. We would cross the river there and be in Old Shawnetown, Illinois. And then continue riding in Southern Illinois.
He wanted to ride the little River roads in Kentucky and run around on these back roads. I feel that this area leads to nowhere. Perhaps if we were on smaller bikes where we could flick the bikes around the curves real fast as before in our younger days. Yes, we’ve been riding a long time and that’s what makes this ride special. But as I’ve said and look, these are cruiser motorcycles and are heavier meant for long distances where one should have morphed into something bigger where you ride farther and go greater distances. 
I have met an individual of interest one day. He was from Wisconsin and he was on a smaller motorcycle with only himself. He was touring the river roads that run along side the Mississippi River. The history of those places goes way back and so it was of interest to him. Although he may do exactly what he says by touring the byways, and there are motorcyclist who will find this interesting. I however may enjoy the roads along the Coasts or riding along the Long Island Sound which I have done.
I’m thinking I’ll be taking another ride out to the Western US. 
You see here are two-different riders-two-different ideas.
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