Looking Out My Window

16 - 1 (1)

Looking out my window I wasn’t in love with the flow of energy and with the same gender as hers or with any of these people because she looked liked him and him like her. They were here when I first noticed these people, there were many of them and they all looked alike.

And then I became fascinated with the way they wore their elegant attire, their clothes they had worn on a daily basis, the way they had appeared or seemed to be meeting you. All I can do now is get along well with them. So I was wondering if they were trying to get along with me too to make sure? I’m so leery about all of this because of her and me especially me being shy and all. I have touched the hem of her skirt by accident. I have willing confessed that I was sorry.

She’s so mild, milder than me. I think though with me the tensions are inside of me and this is explosive to a point. Whatever it is it’s running towards me and towards my fears but in order to evade that shadow, the quill of darkness and her hands I’ve started running away too. It’s too late though because she’s already upon me and has caught up with me, she or whomever she is, she turns me on though! She’s compelling to a thought process.

Yes, and her hands, someone’s hands I thinks it’s her hands as this better be hers. They’ll be molding and taking the shapes of my form, my body outlining my body and touching it touching me, a gentle pulling beckoning me. Why won’t I let her, “Let her get her say.” I told myself this.

Perhaps this older woman, other women, another woman, a pretty woman but whomever they are they’re trying to restrain me. Yes, they want something from me although it’s probably a generous offer, perhaps it’s just an act, a way of kindness. If this is a way to show kindness and generosity I certainly do not recognize this kindness. I admit though it’s very alluring, actually I should try it and go with the flow. I will need then to stop my resistance, perhaps buy her flowers at the kiosk as she advances towards me yes, try to get caught up with her, “Try it dammit.” Try to see where this may lead to, in fact it maybe sexual in nature or not. Either way what? I was too youthful to make any sense of this woman’s gestures. They’re grabbing my arm, “I don’t won’t to hear it,” I would say. The pulling the gesturing what does it all mean. Oh, but she’s a gentle soul, without a doubt.

“I wasn’t aware of your kindness and for that I am sorry now. You are a gentle soul from what I can see, you seem to want something from me so, let’s go and do as you wish my Madam Dearest.”

She Wanted Me To Come Over To Her Apartment And Fix Something.  So Why Had It Taken Me So Long To Figure That Out.

So why had it taken her so long to fix something. It’s been three or four months since the problem has occurred and all during this time what has she done about it. I learned that the repair parts only cost her $24.00 . All this just to decide who should fix her water filtration on her refrigerator.

I changed it out in just under 3 minutes that’s when the repairs were evident. I would have given her my helping hand sooner. There would have been zero tips, zero time wasted and at a cost under the presumption of what it takes to observe such matters and this would have been for me to notice her in her pretty attire, “You’re beautiful with your neglect,” this here is a gorgeous and pretty woman.. I would have been a little embarrassed with my own impish ways if I shouldn’t say so myself !

That’s a thought, no a fact; If you make eye contact with her and she starts to move her mouth, unless she deemed untrusted, unworthy and obviously unfiltered let her speak her mind to you!


We all drank tap water growing up, at home, school church work and everywhere because that’s all there was. So drinking tap water yo, what’s the big fuss?

I have learned my lesson and that is; Let the Spinster Lady Have Her Say and Have Her Way With Me!


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