I Should Ask Her, “Do You Like Beer”.


We should get a fresh start. All we need is some time to spend together and quite so after such a long absence. I think we need to do this more often too and on many occasions and in of a variety of ways and on various occasions.  You know we have the time and now is that time.

‘Now because she loves you and loves your company she’ll welcome you if for whatever’.

She Spoke Coded Words To Me and To The Others For This Is What We Do This Was Our Pattern Of Life.

We Fell Into a Pattern Of Life. She Wore Her Pants Tight. This has been our life’s experiences.



You and I, we are like this and we are hurting ourselves. It’s hurting us this is, it’s hurting you, it’s hurting me and our relationship is dysfunctional don’t you get it?

All her life she has spoken poetic things to me and to the others but still what did they mean. She seems to want me to believe her. Like so many people in a relationship she too awaits for my physical presence always time after time and again, for me to be in a conversation with her on many topics in fact. And that’s okay with me!

So this was our pattern, an internal relationship a pattern ship, so to speak.

Frickin matter wichew you. You know words will chew you up and that they will destroy you!

She’s crying because yesterday I was reading a narrative in a book of fiction about how a situation had arisen and I described that to her, “You know we’re like this and it’s hurting us, it’s hurting you, it’s hurting me and our relationship. It really is just like this for us don’t you see?”

Her responses were only after I had told her this, “Look, haven’t you got something to do and a family to return to so you better go home and back to your life?”

Are these the responses I get for this? If you love her you will feel it. It is at this point that you will feel it, you feel the love for her and the heart felt love you have for her. Please help me write this story!

Please tell me if you haven’t tried to read what was going on inside of her head. Trying to help a family member professionally when you can. You know such use of family members who try to help each other and that is if they can get along but that is just what we do.

I hope she gets better. Please help her to get well, I would pray. I was trying to make a fresh new start. I wanted to.

We should have a fresh start. It takes absenteeism to value someone’s long over due presence. Where absenteeism is due to someone’s mental condition. This person is not there, their character is not and you’re not on the same level of thoughts as they although we should be. But you can make note of that changed character. When I wittiness her irrational behavior, I think this is in need of attention and for real professional help. What’s needed is education where we will educate ourselves, though in doing that we need to point out what we have misunderstood. We will first need to talk. We’ve got no reason not to, plus we need to be on the same level. We need more flexibility. My heart is welcoming her. We will need more time to spend together, several more occasions and you know what, we have that time. And now is that time!



Sometimes in life there needs to be more searching. And with her I’m going beyond my daily life chores of things I must do to get her the help she needs. I wanted to give her something here. Why am I going out on a limb for her? Because I like her and because I wish to treat her equally as I would want to be treated. Nobody wants to be disposed of. And if you’re a person who seems to want something from me and I like you then well, it’s only natural for me to try to help you. If you’re okay with this then I am also okay with this. We need something here possibly a one on one conversation. If we can so please let’s use this time wisely for our well being. Please!

If I had a mind to I would. Yes, I do have a mind to and on so many levels, its on the forefront of my mind. No harm though because these are measured steps. I’m going to!

I could on an occasion show up to her place and introduce smoking myself a cigar and pour myself something strong to drink. Now because she loves you and loves your company she’ll welcome you if whatever. Just be yourself and be able to move forward and go with the flow.




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