You Are A Bitch

There’s something about you a sign of harshness as shown on your face and itself is a reality. I’m thinking of you and that mood of yours but whatever it was, I never did feel the misery you’ve manifested.

Nevertheless you gave this face to me as if I had done something wrong to you. I don’t like seeing you this way. And to think that for me having seen you like this after such a long period of absence. The sun had just started to set after I had met you but really, this makes me wonder about you.

I was thinking you were in such a bad mood with that face of yours, that you were going to come over and start pointing your fingers at me. Maybe it was because you accidentally ran across me in town in that restaurant.
I thought you were perhaps mad at me. And for what! What’s up with your date?


Dear, we don’t live in an environment with such harshness like this and your disciplined reality as such. You are a wicked and hateful person and this face of yours has shown that to me. When you suddenly noticed me the darker side of you began to surface. It has shown on that face yours the one you put on the one you wore. Lighten up please!

It’s obvious that your lying to yourself. You make believe that you’re happy where you put a rubber stamp on life and nod at all the other things and to all the other constituents.


Your obstacles are fretted and they are like in your past in the ebb tide of your thoughts and into plurality that’s how they grow. They grew and they grew hate. Those were not too good people that pained you of your youth. 

That spinster sister of yours especially her that she’s bit down hard but please try to get the facts straight okay?


Dear, get it straight, your sister knows no better way of what she’s saying amid what has already been said, the unjust ignorance of all these years. She’s a total ruin for you.

Sometimes in your life it takes a little bit of sadness to learn to appreciate happiness and then noise to appreciate silence, absenteeism to value someone’s long over due presence.


If you could see the hatefulness and be joined by this hate and no doubt you probably do and are. If you could hear rhetoric hate, feel it and then one day with all of your strengths forgive this hate all at once. That’s what we do. Can uou do this?

Haven’t We Gone Far Enough. Yes, there’s plenty to see, screw the haters!


Don’t we just want to grab their heads if there’s a litheness’ to yank it down there. Tell me your story I can hardly wait to hear.

Tell me why you are a Bitch.


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