Email Me With Your Name And Address

Email me with your name and address that’s if you wish to. Do you have more than one source of communicating, thinking of the commotion of it all. This is the start of something new. You will get to know me better. Perhaps we will know each other better.

Its like, “Let’s steal away together away on a passage ship. Now you be strong because you are strong! You and I are strong enough for this and we will work to survive.”

 By the way this isn’t a plot or a dithering of something what we can do. Of course we have done this on our own before with others we, ‘Go Earnest’ for ourselves, don’t you recall doing this.  It is not too unworthy of a demand. But in our flightiness it will promote thyself oneself.

 Now can you go beyond your borders. Can you ask me some questions that you have. Ask me some questions of the sort of things you need to know and as you write to me start out by stating ‘You’. 

You may be viewing this of such detailed romance of such frivolities, that of taking the time to ponder your thoughts as you interact along beside of me. You’re okay then in doing this, going outside of your bounderies aren’t you. Okay, I hope you are and that you will write to me soon.


You still have to assume that people change and you will noticed your opponent has changed and he may seem awkward at times and out there and out of tune. Please ask me:

Do you wish to spend time with me? We could talk you know! I’m hungry. I wish to hear.

I wrote to her first:

You’re a people person aren’t you. And I read where you write these poems emerging precious effigies quite elegant in fact.


 If I may ask, either a charming person has captured you from their profiles and from their character and from their moods. I wonder if this makes you see a vision where words come to you.

I also do this but perhaps I differ from you in that I shall spot four trees at a growth rate of a certain height where this will make me do what you did and write poems or this may inspire me to write sentences. 

What makes you write your poems. What gave you insight and put you into the mood. Remembering now you’ve said the music, but who though. What’s her name or his name. My inspirations were four little trees along an embankment. 

She wrote me back:

Dear, I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote it, I felt the music move me, this is for the reader mainly whomever they may be. Everything in its season in its time. Thank you for the lovely comment.

I replied her first letter:

 Oh but Listen Love, I Didn’t! The music and the talent did. Your talents.

And then came her second letter:

Yes, but Love, The message you wrote to me was true! Yes, this is catching. Yes, I have discovered my own inspirations. I was inspired by the very thought of seeing myself through all of my turmoils, the happiest ones and of course, the sad ones down below in that gutter.

Yes, I am so glad you pointed that out to me. Thank you!  It is finally revealed. I feel so very awkward but, I’m so very very happy!

Sent by me. These are my memories of our first conversations. Help me to write this story.



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