This Is Jenny

The suckling pig is one of the most famous and popular of Food Specialties.

To prepare this pig it is necessary to have a rotating spit on a fire place and a real good suckling pig. Before cooking it is usually stuffed and covered with aromas, such as myrtle, thyme, bay leaf and fennel, began by flavoring a few hours in advance.

To be accompany absolutely with a very good red wine.


“I observed so much, the comings and the goings and those boys.”

This was Jenny’s account, his wife’s, the happier one of the two, the couple who has anonymous accounts. She had made this comment in one of her posts.

We fell into a pattern of life. She wore her pants tight. As I often do, I’m following her down into the basement area of the church.


“I’m sorry Larry, I still don’t get it. Give me some time to think about it ok? Is it Gerry or is it Joey, which is it?”

“You mean which of the boys will be cooking the Procceddu,” he asks.

They’re having a celebration and are having Procceddu. it’s roast pork. They’ve attended a church celebration and it is a rather large festival at the church. As a main course they’re having Procceddu, it is being cooked just outside of the church annex just outdoors in the church picnic area.

I can see that look of fantasy on her face of this woman. Jenny, seeing the young men, she’s intrigued and she watches them. She seems to know the two young men together will be attending the barbecue. She knew this mostly from her conversations on social media of her little chats online.

Here the young men are working as it seems so effortlessly with their bodies preparing the pork. Their younger bodies fitted well with the strengths and muscles a stamina of untold potenial, longlasting erect, wild and willing. It will be a wonderful place setting and as we are already sitting in our poistions watching them as they cook the Procceddu.

Jenny and I will have the lovely occasion to talk and listen to the guests as we share this celebration from our hearts. Mid-Summers Eve is such a lovely occasion, a time to be with our families, our friends and to visit with the townspeople of the community.

This is so useful a time spent to celebrate this particular festival on such an occasion, for all to come together and for all to be happy.


Enjoyed by all and for all to enjoy their start to the summer.

As for these younger men that she watches, I can see the angle now for when I was but a young cretinous boy yearning all there was to learn about her about these naturally pretty mature women. Jenny teases them with her glances and her eyes are staring wide, flirting with the young men as they prepare and serve our meal.

The Streets Are Where We Met.

We Fell Into A Pattern Of Life,
She Wore Her Pants Tight


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