This Song Has It’s Lovely Verses

This song you sing here has it’s lovely verses. I’m here living in a completely different world other than your own. These are the marvels of architectural design and with the advent of modern technology and modern design, the inventions of machinery Man and his Machine, I live in luxury.


I don’t have twelve foot high ceilings with 5 foot tall windows that are three foot wide. This allows the humid air inside your home. The place where you live there’s a rush of people running around in a hurry down on the streets below, people are out and about in the busy streets, those inner-city buildings of shops and restaurants where they throw bottles out into the allies you will hear the breaking of the glass. The city’s center, the big plaza, the street markets and church cathedrals all are very busy and that’s where you live. There are busy shops and fancy retail stores that are high-end. They will close at lunch time for siesta, that’s why you’re in a hurry. Your windows will draw in that noise with daily activities because you leave them wide open and this is where the air is making your curtains fly around. You need the air circulation though.


Myself on the other hand I have a five ton capacity central air conditioning unit outside. It is a central heat and air conditioning unit. The ducting flows underneath the home inside the crawl space. My home is made of wood and bricks and it is well built is well insulated. I use ceiling fans throughout my home to push the air evenly around my home.


My windows are less likelier to provide any greater openings in the walls like yours does. Yours are big mine are less conspicuous they are smaller. And they’re always shut. I have screen windows. My home stays much cooler inside than on the outside when there is warm weather here. I have a cooling systems that is superior. I sleep well.


There isn’t a pub downstairs below in the streets where my home is located. I don’t live like that. You obviously can go down stairs to join the crowd of beer drinkers if you want to. You may have your beers or as many beers as you would like to lol! Then afterwards you can just crawl right back upstairs thereabouts where you live and go to sleep.


I have to drive ten miles to the nearest bar/restaurant and these bars close-up early in the night. Plus the vendors are close-by, so really I just buy my packaged beer and take it home with me. It’s real easy and better, much quieter at night than are the pubs.


So those Harlequin girls, the Dancers dressed in outfits real fancy, they don’t come around here too much. They’re down on Bourbon Street in New Orleans in the bars and in the night clubs. I’m not sure about the mechanisms though or if you could get one to rumble with you in bed. But I mean, I’m a man. And a man, he is liable too, this is where he’s vulnerable.



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