I Like Your Hard Fought Battles You Don’t Cry

What makes you move like an arithmetic setting to begin counting with your paces that they are in sync, a gentle tap, a tapping as sturdy as that of a beating drum. Where upon this transformation has leveled your playing field and has transferred you down. It has taken you down to a level so low that nobody wants to be playing it because nobody wants to do this, it is taboo.

“Do you want a drink of something special.” You may ask him a few questions.. “If you could have anyone you desire whom then would you choose, would you pick me?” Questions like that and you’re moving around in such a rush of people where you’re asking questions. Speaking towards him in a hurry, “Here’s Sir, would you take a picture of me,” thinking such a rapturous smile will surly bring him in and this will lead him into your lair. You hurry along. Scum does this, it drifts solemnly around, this trash floating never showing respect to anyone when it will land on them.


Anyway these are your hands and they touching, a gentle persuasive feel. Your hands are reaching and feeling and in fact you feel for someone in your imaginations although you are a pick pocket. However, if these people would open up and give you some spare change and then they’re allowing you to do more for them, whatever this may be that they desire you. You possess such skills and you are very good at this. You’re very good at seducing others. You obviously have these skills ingrained in you as to satisfy your little nasty-ass habits and you are getting satisfaction from this and you don’t mind letting others know about this.   I bet you’re wearing thongs. Do you? Does anyone else know about how in the darkness you’re laying the ground work for another and then another. Are you being selective in this process in a crowd full of people. You possess this skill to target a subject and you invision them. Do you prefer for them to come to you naturally.

You are a very attractive woman. Respectifully saying: Something you possess becomes your very ability, it becomes a skill level you actually use to get what you want. And you know how this makes you feel, it feels so good and it feels good to others as well.


You possess a level of skill and you know how to use this skill, for you and many others have enjoyed these pleasures. They have enjoyed them in the privacy settings of their homes or perhaps in hotel rooms, wherever it may be. I hope you get what you want and you will want more of it as well. However inclusive, everything’s considered for your battles you don’t cry.


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