The Dottoressa

A female doctor with the deepest respect for human life who has a gaint size heart. Her name is Latricia she is a doctor. Latricia is a small shaped person, she has a form and a shape so lithe you can say that she glides when she walks. She has eyes so brown and they’re big. Her eye sockets are set-in. She is The Dottoressa. Help me write her story. Thank you


Maybe here she meets a few other people to help her at the clinic where at the moment a major health crisis has occurred. There are people who are sick and are very afaired that they will die. There are more stranger people, men and women with problematic symptoms which have occurred and they are just outside the room in the vestibule. There are many out in the area towns and villages who have become very sick. They have come here from afar off from other villages and towns and they are here now just outside waiting to be seen by her. There are many who have such symptoms a sickness which has started to be an regional epidemic. She has been summoned to go into this area location by the World Health Organisation.

Advice comes from one of the Doctors known as ‘The Dottoressa’ she is a female doctor and her name is Latricia. She greets each one patient with her kind words:

“How are you!“

“Good Morning!”

“You’re Charming!”

“You look a noticeable difference lately!”

“Keep in touch!”

“Hey, I like your smile that looks good!”

The WHO the World Health Organisation is an organisation that has come into this country to help put an end to this disease and to help cure the locals of a terrible illness which is yet to be understood. That government is in the middle of a sizeable health crisis.

Latricia is an Angel of Mercy she has come as a blessing.

You can imagine the very depressed area setting. Here is where very sick people are having death like symptoms and death has even occurred. The circumstances are deplorable and horrible.


Perhaps the audience senses that The Dottoressa has been trying to run away from certain circumstances. She has likely volunteered to travel into this irrepressible experience, she may even catch this dreaded disease although she has been throughly vaccinated.

Camilla desires the company of The Dottoressa. And we don’t understand or know of the personal life of the Doctor. Perhaps now the readers will be heading back towards the episode where Camilla seduces The Dottoressa. Do they want to know more.

I suggest a character for this short story to be that of a young lass. Her named is Camilla. She is bold and has stepped into this situation to prove a point. She volunteers only to get involved with and to go into these politically motivated insurrection rallies which she will start. All of this for a cause she knows not what but she will make one up.


She has the characteristics of a noble aristocract of the type where shyness is what you get out girls like her. Her activities have shown what a person does whose family is wealthy and on top of their game. She is apart from the world, wet & wild and oddly weird, she has had a troubled youth, loves sports and is a runner. We all love a fun loving person especially one who has come as a volunteer, who is quick witted and by that I mean a person drafted to be likable in her age group and like so, popular among them. She has well refined features also this is in her mannerisms. She comes from a wealthy family. She is in top form as an athletic type. She is competitive. The advantages she has shown are from her coming out as being gay.  Her family has wealth however Camilla will not be taking over the family owned business.

Camilla is a spontaneous individual who protests while others may not. From her objections you will witness seeing her go into action. She however doesn’t care what people think. She’s still unaware of the sorts of things about how things work and in general about how manufacturing works and the mechanical aspects of it and the functionality as a whole. Such an operation like that of her family’s business, the procurement of goods and distribution of wholsale goods, as it works for the good of others as a whole. She’s not focused on running a family’s business. She is used to a friendly environment. However she protests on the irregularities that destroy the environment. Maybe she’s a bit selfish, or a bit shy and because of this her insecurities are what make her run for help. She wants the help of like minded females.  She has a friend, a male companion of her age yet she doesn’t love him like that or seek a husband’s presence. She seeks friends of the same gender as hers and more from mature women, this is the kind of thing she desires more than anything else. Mostly Lucas doesn’t seem to be aware of her involvement with women too much. It’s as if she seems indifferent where a transition has already taken place.  A transformation in her appearance and her attitude towards him has already proved that she doesn’t love him. He’s coming along fine with her as a friend but he just met her very recently, certainly he doesn’t concern himself too much with Camilla. He certainly likes to look at her. She is very pretty and sexy as much. He likes to observe her when she’s around other females. This is what Lucas likes to do. Sometimes Lucas would fantasies about how he would be the dominating person while the other females were present. Camilla and Lucas have become friends they have met as runners, that’s what they like to do and both are in good physical shape. And she changes her moods. But when he is curious he will spy on her. Whenever she’s alone and in the privacy of company with her girlfriends or when she’s in the presence of another woman in public.  Lucas watches her, likely as he’s doing this it is because he wants to have sex with her regardless of what sexual preference she has either with males or females. Generally speaking though he probably has such fantasies about her and on occasions he watches her expressions.

After arriving at the church building, the main cathedral Lucas remembers the way Camilla introduces herself to The Dottoressa. He could tell Camilla is very much attracted to The Dottoressa. “I will be her assistant,” Camilla had said.


“I have spied her atop the rocks from where I was sitting, her lovely hair all undone, her hair was long and blond.”
The Dottoressa has blond hair and lots of hair. “It was a wonderful place where I sat watching her soak.” The smell was coming from that river and the waters were clouded of the sub fuscous riverside. The dirt and water mixes together to create a sort of color. The days were sweltering with this heat. Of course the stream of water was a welcoming relief and just having the river nearby the town where the townspeople lived could cool them off from the heat of the summer.

She had shed her clothes. She had larger breast than she appeared to have with her clothes on at the church. Then when he saw her naked body he first saw her breast, she had perky little nipples and they had turned upwards. He was eyeing her atop the rocks.

His thoughts were, “She didn’t need blue or green eyes to be beautiful.” He again thought to himself, “Do you like to tease me?” He was close to masturbating right there while watching her being hidden atop the rocks.

He had formerly met her at the clinic. He introduces himself and wants to show her his photos of him as a runner as with a thin athletic body. The Dottoressa was also thin, with a form and shape so lithe and so precise were her movements, she showed so much grace. In fact she was an Angel.  She appeared to him to be like a top model.


“Her brown eyes were big and deep, earthy as if these eyes had taken a lifetime to construct. Big enough were the big brown eyes that I was so easily hypnotized by them. She was a doctor with an overbearing love for her job. She had the biggest heart I had ever encountered. And mark my words, one day, she’ll be mine.”

Now there was a conflicting interest towards The Dottoressa between Lucas and Camilla.

Please help me write this story!


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