Now Her Plain Lips was where she parted her lips with his tongue and then she kisses him deeply. Her plain lips didn’t have lip gloss. They were first-time lovers and they made out with deep kisses. She likes for him to introduce this kissing and she kisses deeply and ever so passionately they made out when no one could see them and usually this was at her home when her family was gone. She invited him over for a visit. These were her plain kisses.

I started to go back. I wanted to. How would this work. Where would I go. How would that work even if I did? Would I receive rejection? You could do this, ‘Go Backwards’ if you lived in this small suburban town of rural Americana. And too if there were only you and your elderly mother and no one else.


“You mean go backwards?”  Yes, I began to gather aggressive thoughts thinking about her. But I’ll have to give her time. It all started at this church. Let me describe it to you in brief.

We were young and our families have always attended this same church together. This is a small community and there was a church whose services we did attended on a regular basis as this was fairly often for us. The church is still located in the spot where it has been for many years. Of course it has grown and expanded and a newer church is now established there since it was built in the 1970s. This is where we have attended church and have been for a long time. So I met her at this church and this is where we sometimes paired up together as young teenagers. 

I remember all of her family quite well, her mother and her dad and she also has a younger sister. They all sat together in one church pew. Both her sister and Terrie were quite attractive young ladies. Now, this was the only time I would ever see her. Church for me was very special because of this.

 I think I had a crush on her back then, in fact I know I did. I had fantasies about her about us being together but I think I was too shy to make any moves on her, especially since all our families were together at the church building where with the services you had to act reverent especially with her parents watching. I’m sure they were watching us. They knew I liked her.

Now something has excited this old flame. What has lain dormant all of these years has resurfaced. Because I have since learned that she has moved back into town and that she is single. 

Now I only have a thing for her if I ever see her at all. I had to search for her again on the Web.


Since after all this years have passed she has finally grown up becoming a very attractive woman. She has a pretty smile. I really do like her smile. It’s the one thing I really Do like…you could say, I’m very intrigued!

Well, recently I had a surprise and was taken aback. She sent me a friend’s request on Facebook.

“Well, what do you know.” And after all these years. What would I say to her or how would I react to her frivolities. How will I comment to her posts.
Let’s go slow at first.


So I was thinking, “Do I send a Direct Message?” Well, she wasn’t on Twitter. So, can I send her a Private Message on FB? Well Yes, I can.  You know, she ask me to be friends with her first. So I did.

My first message was, “Terrie,
I will be excited to hear from you! I’m on FB here. In fact I am on Facebook, FB Instant Messager, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress WhatsApp, Email; three accounts, Facebook Groups, Spotify.
If you wish to follow me on any of these places just give me a message. I don’t bite. Again looking forward to hearing from you.”


I did it. I proved it to myself that this is all a way in which to communicate. No, we won’t be picking up the land line and calling her family home phone and asking for her. However that would definitely give her a jolt and me as well.


I mean there has to be an avenue where you exchange ideas and where you express yourself to one another. She’s probably a grandmother who gets tried of watching her grandchildren do those crazy things that all children do. And all I’m saying is, “Hey, we’re all adults here.” Plausible but who really cares anymore!  
Yes, I have morals and I respect other people’s morals that’s for sure and she’ll have been glad to receive my private messages. 

“Hello Sir,” is the way I hope to get her speedy reply.

Following a thread is like having a bottle of real good wine with your friends:

You’re Sweet

You have changed, I like that!

You are Charming!

You’re sweet, can I give you a nickname.

You look Good.

I like your Smile.

Keep in Touch.


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