Street Smart

This is something I think I would feel comfortable with doing and that is to douse myself with a splash of cologne and go on a trip that I would make and where I will ride that transportation system down to get into the city and just run around all over the place alone.



The transportation down to get into the city is not an easy task and there are transfer stations and time constraints, dilemmas and tasks, location spots, drop off spots, waiting periods and just people all around you everywhere not listening to you and not listening to anyone, the traffic and the noise. It’s all there, what will you make of this place?



No, I’m not going there just to run around all over the place and do this alone, they’re will come along a time, naturally occurring circumstances where you will meet people, and you know exactly who to talk to, you talk to people, you ask questions. Speaking to someone you don’t know isn’t hard. We know how to survive. Don’t you?

Who we are and who we become at this point we should become extroverts and be street wise and know how to survive in a big place in a big city that’s just how to tout this operation, do it wisely man!


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