Spring Cleaning

A smoky remnant still remains from the burning cinders left of the autumnal leaves and downed branches. The winds are prevalent and balmy. The winds are calm and balmy and a draft helps alleviate from the heat. The blamy winds have alighted their wonder. Isn’t there any. Yes, there are !


 I figured it was about time today to do my spring cleaning. You know that’s the time of year to clean everything. It was a wonderful day and getting warmer. It was late in the month of May hardly Spring, but still it’s been a cold and wet Spring. We should be having more summer like weather by now.

My lawn and garden, the trees and shrubs, the landscaping and all need cleaning and so we did this, we started to clean up the debris. I gathered up all the down branches, I raked the leaves picked up the stuff and put it all in a pile and started a roaring fire.

We Fell Into a Pattern of Life, She Wore Her Pants Tight.

We had ourselves a great little time and a great big fire. A Nice little niche too work together and I’m watching her.

I’m seeing her all like this, she’s having a measurable fun time, I like to observe her sporting such tasks where she’s actually enjoying her garden work. I love to watch her.

I felt the sun and the warmth of the fire. The Spring sun is upon us and it is a bright day. The smoke and ashes are emitting a fragrances, a natural smell from the Earth, from the fallen autumnal leaves and downed branches and the warm air yes, it all alighted to our wonder at home. A homeowner needs to do his chores. I’m here for about two weeks, so why not. Now was that time.


“Yes Darling, what is it, ” Doreen ask him.

“Will you shoulder me this morning,” he asks her. “I’ll sit on your shoulders,” was Doreen’s reply.

Close to nature, the way things happened sheltering their own two feet. Olive trees were their best choices for fun turn around. Shaking the olive branches where she could reach. She’s now standing up there on his shoulders.

..”We Fell Into A Pattern of Life,
She Wore Her Pants Tight”…


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