You Only Make Me Wonder, A Cautionary Tale

“I come here to provide one wish for you.”

He sought her out, he wanted to. “She’s fair game.” His first-time lover. He knows of her potential for business development.

Off in the distance somewhere he senses a smell. He’s here but he’s not really here. He’s out there somewhere, from where he just came.


He approaches her, this is her appointment. He appraises her for being a dreamer, the formalities in front of her.  Her presences seems reasonable enough, add that she seems to desire or want again their relationship to be anew again. They’re young and just getting started out in life.

He addresses her with the utmost care, “You have but 17 minutes to state your wishes. Make me sparkle, fill my emptiness, fill the gaps please.”



And upon respectively hearing her initial responses or was this her arousals, he continues, “Honey, I’ve gone on into a reclusive setting, I really like it. I have some land and I’ve started the job my family gave to me. This is the tradition of wine making, it inhabits a substantial size farm that already exsists, there is enough land for me to grow grapes of the varities to produce wines. I’m building a home in the area too, really it’s just a place, though getting started again hasn’t been easy. It’s a little ways out in the countryside, for you see Darling without you there it isn’t much. And now I realize this. I only have a radio. I don’t have your comments or your messages or your voice and I miss all that. Make me dream, I have dreams you know. Come, come back with me to the place I love. Be with me !”


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