The Wedding

There is going to be two weddings.


She wishes to meet with The Deacon after the Church services down in the Church’s basement. This woman’s gestures were meaningful and although he never anticipated this he did however accept her offer that Sunday.

She suggested for him to meet with her down in the annex because it was unoccupied at the moment and it was all quiet down there. Previously she had already met with the Deacons of the Church’s inner circle pertaining to her plans for her wedding. Chris however was away at the moment his job requires him to travel frequently.

Although Carole knows she’s still in love with her first love. His name was Barry, she still loves him, but she was marring someone else, Chris. Carole still loves her first love all the more even on her wedding day, but he was not with her anymore. So she has decided to marry someone else and that was Ole Chris.

“Wherever are those ushers?” He asks.

“Do you see the young lady and those young men following her?
She is getting married today. They are the groomsmen.”

“Hello, I’m the Deacon. I’m so proud of you for getting married.”

She held out her hand, “You’re next Honey! I’ll see you downstairs in the basement annex in a few hours.” He was her Deacon.


While on that Sunday the Church crowd had thinned out, the Bride she was flying too high. “Wherever are her fears. I felt fearful of her requests. Yes, that’d be fun, but down here, this was not the place nor the time.” He was caught once before in the very act but he swore he would never again volunteer at these church weddings.

One time a Bridesmaid in atendence to a Church wedding at his Church had been the ring leader in an all out debauchery to the extent that it involved most of the groomsmen, the husband of the Bride, along with two of the Church’s Deacons. This Deacon had been one of those present who had participated in this fast living, an orgy in the Church’s basement.

The Deacon


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