Prep Cook Prepare Cook

He wanted homemade biscuits made with love this morning. All he got was, “Jumping through hoops aren’t you my yummy bear?”


“Not good Azsuellen,” he said.

“Whatever!” Oh, she’s something else that Azsuellen.

“How could she show could she be like..? Yeah, whatever!”

So there would come a day Carole that I would be a cook. That day has finally arrived.

I finally got a job as a chef or cook at a large place that cooks and prepares meals for it’s personnel.

I am getting up early to set out to work, up early mornings before dawn. You can see that the skies have lightness at this hour of morning.

When I start my skeleton shift though I’m perhaps persuaded by my coffee, this keeps me awake. Those mornings are always dark at this hour. I will start this particular shift in the wee hours at 2 A.M.  

I’m doing the brake-outs for the provisional rations for breakfast also lunches, luncheons and dinners. I’m one of the the prep cooks, I guess you could say I’m in training and I am. I rotate on that early morning shift. 

At night or early morning however you want to call it, the skeletal crew prepares the food for morning workers who actually cook the breakfast meals.

The prep cooks prepare the breakfast and get it organized. I dont cook eggs to order. This is a sizeable job just to coordinate the amount of food necessary to accommodate the personnel and the people who eat here as it must be ready as early as 6 A.M. The skeletons- that’s me, must be at work by 2 A.M.


When I am coming off that graveyard shift, as I’m leaving my job station I see the sun starting to shine. It’s off to the east and I see it through the large Oak trees. It is always 7 A. M. when I depart from that graveyard schedule. 

The mess cooks prepare for the breakfast and by the time the cafeteria opens the serving lines must be in perfect condition and you must be on time, including the bacon cooked, scrambled eggs and the sausages all must be cooked, hot and ready on the serving lines. Breakfast meals must be ready by 6 O’clock. This is an institutionalized place and it makes like clock work just like in the Army. Some 700 meals must be prepared for each meal.

Each morning getting off of work I look up at the tall trees and through them I see the bright sun. It is rising. I get a glimpse of those trees and the view and for me this is like being at the movies, I’m looking up at the big screen. This really becomes a picture, a picture worth taking. The sun wasn’t there too long before it moved on off.  I mean, after a while the sun reaches to the skies it has cleared the trees and has moved up to the sky that becomes brighter.


The sun is like an engine that connects us. The sun’s a bright star that’s giving us energy that we need, the heat, and some cases all the light we need. It’s all magnificent. I love the warm sun it is simply beautiful to view a sunrise of early morning. Also the beauty of a mountainside where the sun has shown it’s first light, so very pretty on a magnitudinous scale.

The sun has shown light upon the Earth everywhere, it’s colors the colors of the rocks and their formation. They are earthen colors of browns and of brunt oranges. And the greens, the sage bushes and creosote bushes having been emitting a fragrances by the sun’s heat. The sunshine radiates splendidly.

 The sun a symbol that represent Japan and that flag also represents Japanese Imperialism. It appears on various Japanese products and on military unit identification insignias sewn onto their uniforms. And it’s on various work branch identifiers.

Sunrise church services are too early, now why would they get up so early and go to church at the crack of dawn. And who eats food that early in the mornings unless they’re at a church camp.

Yes, they can get up and eat early morning breakfast and I can get a job as a cook too whereas this is the best way for job security.


For sure it will always be a tradition to eat a big breakfast when you’re traveling or when you’re camping, or wherever, or in a group moving around and that’s in order to make your vacation better. And you will need the energy plus the sun’s energy. What a way to start your day with sunshine and breakfast; scrambled eggs, buttered biscuits, toast, orange juice, country ham, grits and sorghum molasses.
Yum Yum!


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