Mad Magdalena

Magdalena is keen. She has woven a tightly knit web, it’s in place and because she is a Bitch, a bit hard to please. She has only started this turn around and she thinks it’s going great for her at the moment but obviously out in the open and in the public and him present it would be more explosive if ever revealed.

He started a fire this morning in the fireplace. “It’s hotter in hell old man,” Magdalena says by looking at him.

Magdalena has started out this morning forming a plot. It is a woven web a keen web however but this is all a mistake, it’s shows to be deceitful and a hatefulness towards her male companion an ugliness but nevertheless she has done this. Why has she done this? She should be ashamed of herself.

“I’m not sure, it won’t last any longer, it’s over,” she thinks. Now Magdalena speaks to him, “You know Gerry, women do not like men who don’t know nothing about women you know that?”


As they began to talk and have conversation Gerry says,  “You know Magdalene last night I took a look at their beauty,”  is what he said of the show they watched on television last night. “I enjoyed it too of the beautiful people and their promises, and your mind is reeling,” was her reply.

“I liked most of the women on that show,” he replies. She’s putting him through the paces.

“Is this a test?” He had it coming to him, he was much older than her. He would not deal with her any longer. He was not getting any younger.

Last night everything was all lighted by the moon and the street lamps were beautiful and they illuminated the night, the city came alive. It was the dinner, the nightclubs everything was beautiful but not for them. The columns of colors all lit up by the moon. They’re on such a different level. She’s too harsh maybe already someone’s other mistress where she would be nice to that person. Nice to them maybe but not to Gerry. She was Mad Magdalena.


The next morning the sunlight was glistening by their camp site. The sunshine always brings liveliness, it lights up the desert so beautiful as this light shines down upon the Earth. The fires are smoldering from last night’s fires. But his challenges were to leave her immediately and this he must do.


Gerry was thinking; “I’m looking at what remains behind here, sponsors for her and this won’t be me, she’s young and then what will she do, who then will take care of her?”

He leaned up against her as if by accident, “Get on your knees and pray for yourself.” This was his last words he would ever say to her.

She was very hateful to him most of the time and lately almost all of the time. And after all of her madness he never did say a word but out of that came this last moment of revenge and she never saw it coming. Now he left her just like that out there in the desert alone.

This was his way for reciprocating to let her wait another day for some other person to pick her up and also for someone to bring her happiness. It was his element of surprise to get away and be gone and do it quickly. Now she was stranded.

Who was going to take care of her. He didn’t care who. He didn’t care any longer for her madness.

So A Jet Large Enough That It’s Entrails And Fuselage Could Be Seen With The Naked Eyes As It Traces Across The Sky.

A look upon her dinner table looking at what wasn’t there or who wasn’t -no one. This speaks volumes.



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