Why Not Look For Me?

“Why not come look for me, you’ll encounter me if you look for me. I will be ready and willing if you want to, I want to,” she says. “Oh really.” There’s just no fucking way, she’s shelling lies,” he thinks.



She goes walking past him at the same time, now he steps by to move forward of Jennifer. She says, “Hello, oops sorry!”

Their conversation on the computer has led to this. “Well, since then nothing has changed, or wait, since then EVERYTHING has changed, so what do you want me to do?”

She was at a dangerous level, a whirlwind dancer and she was on a dangerous high! “You’re fucking lying!”

“You can be different, pretty and be nice and still be lying behind people’s backs. You can be weird, you can call me weird. Either way this is going to have to end.” These were his exact words.

And when she got up to dance, every movement she made was to loosely attend the attention she gave herself, to accentuate every part of her body. She was a young teenager, a girl learning about her body, plus more about how this sensationalism is so popular with the young men whom she desires. She learns about this also, that accenting herself like that, dancing and stripping on such a showy platform floor, this was her natural ability. She likes to bend over to access her backside.


Ahead of the presumption of what ultimately brought up the volume of music as she dances, the attention gets brought to her. Heads turn towards her as she goes up on the dance floor, dancing and throwing her clothes off stripping there on the dance floor on stage. Easily left only wearing her bottom underwear, she’s now standing there staring at him.

She definitely has great big eyes, her eye sockets were rather large and bigger than normal. This must have been because of her hard fought battles and the difficult times.

Her situations would come crashing down around you if you let her. She approaches you and then you sense that you would like to have something from her, her body or a bit of it anyway and she knew this.

Her life was being torn apart. For Sure hers was. You knew you would want that failed wretchedness, that doll of a girl and the source answers you seek are those sweet kisses from her. Oh, but these are real hard fought battles.

Will you succeed? That’s human nature to chase your dreams, “My wish list is brought to me,” is what she thought. They need to be more cautious and they are but they make mistakes and sometimes very quickly like in the next sentence.

It turns out that what she wants you to do is chase her around and only her, “What’s he doing here looking at all these pretty girls, and look at him he’s flirting with that other dancer!”


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