Florence di Flora

This is Florence di Flora.


Tonight lovely things are about to happen and are about to be shown to all of the townspeople by this lovely lady Florence di Flora.
Once upon a time there was a young peasant girl who had attracted the Lord of Flora, this was his title, ‘Lord of Flora’. He was otherwise known as Sir Flora. Her name was Florence. She was a pretty young maid. She had great big eyes, her eye sockets were rather large and bigger than normal. This may have been because of her hard life and for this she looked very afraid.
It is worth noting that her audience, those of her co-workers, they were jealous. They have definitely taken notice of her presence when they got caught up with her affairs to the Lord of Flora.
Her co-coworkers would go about working when they saw the two of them together, the workers were afraired to encounter her for fear it would prove to be shown as hatefulness and show jealousy towards the Lord himself and to his Misses. They didn’t want to show disappointment or something else.
Now in this part of her life she has become ‘Florence di Flora’. In some days that followed Florence had set aside a look-alike mistress to folly with Lord Flora. This was to look after him if only due to her perpetual absenteeism brought on by her mild wanderings, she stressed out so soon after their marriage because of the difference between her and that of the Lords. She was but a peasant girl.
So Firenze -Florence had her mistress and this young woman’s name was Sonillya. She lived in a home with Harry and depending upon how you look at it, Harry was the housekeeper and caretaker and he was of such dependency to that of the Lord’s property. Sonillya lived in this house off by herself.
Tonight though Florence is making this night special, “Oh yes, an old amazing love!” She’s quite happy as she calls out to the others in attendance.
And in her speech she explains, “But since then, since my marriage to the Lord Flora, there have been many many years yet still, I’m alive!”   She has turned into a terrifying creature of the night! What is happening with the Florence di Flora now that she has become the consort to the Lord of Flora?
She has succumbed to all of this and turned herself into a pretty woman and has succefully shown to be wonderfully popular with the town’s people. She has made the Lord of Flora a beautiful wife.


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