Exploring The Things of Interest

I was excited because I had found a bond. I have been exploring the formation of rocks in nature. There are mountainous areas where there are beautiful formations of rocks which can be viewed and where I can go exploring these rocks. These are my specific types of interests and my explorations because the rocks are beautiful and have colorful adronments. So very pretty on such a magnitudinous scale. This may be at a State Park. I can go hiking along trails which are designated guidelines for viewing of the findings, some trails were much further to walk. I have found some of these rocks are in such places perhaps along the shores on a particular






island. Some of these areas are much further away in my exploration. I have been overseas to explore the Earth’s beauty. And within my footing to explore the different sites of the different localities searching for them, I am asking questions to find out more about the terrain seeking information about the specfic nature of the rocks. Usually a tourist office is where I can find the information I seek and obtain some brochures.
There are parks named after such places; Valley of Fire State Park and Capo D’orso. I love traveling by ocean to an island in the Mediterranean to explore the island and look for these colorful rocks. I have also traveled to the desert areas of the Southwestern United States to visit some national parks and observe the natural wonders. I love Arizona. I love the Western Pacific Shores of California. There are many outcroppings of rocks along it’s northern shores. I love colorful rocks. I love the beauty of the Earth. It’s simply gorgeous. I hope you too have fallen in love with the beauty of the Earth.
  I remember there were these landscaping rocks at a place beside of the road. There was a large outcrop of assorted rocks big rocks all laid out on the ground, some sitting on pallets others wired up in bunches ready to go and all for sale. There was also a nursery at this location selling plants. It was at the cross roads of an area where the road generates much of the traffic running through here because it carries both a northern and a southern directional heading. I was interested in buying these landscaping rocks ornamental in nature, rocks and decorative stones pieces, some large pieces to have placed around my home. At first I just wanted to look around and speculate, to captivate new ideas. A picture paints a thousand words. There were stones of all different types of mineral compositions. Now however thinking back I would like to have some of these stones placed around my property. Too bad there aren’t any natural stones coming out through the ground outside of my home.
The places I have been exploring are some of the splendid nature areas, national parks and places overseas that I love. Here in Sardinia this area overseas there were different languages spoken not that the locals were speakers of a different language other than their own nationality but it’s just what they knew. Itself is a way to get out and about and on their own. A way of showing independence. Dialect is a way in which to label their language. The pronunciation of which may contrast from the normally spoken words, not of slang mind you. These people spoke dialect, a toon to a different language other than my own. I would treat them though like I would want to be treated and to be happy and jovial. We would eventually laugh and eat, drink and be happy and that’s with a bunch of total strangers. So go out and explore nature and see the beauty upon the Earth. I think you’ll love it.

Amen Brother!


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