The Nearby Town

  I can see the terrain nearby. The railroad tracks are leading into the freight station and the tracks bunch up together and are close to town and the station is near a main road. 


There is an overpass near here. The traffic circles back to the train station. The railroad station uses only freight train cars carrying whatever mostly coal and oil. Because this coal and oil cannot always be carried  by the river barges on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. This freight railroad station and the town proper are situated in the cross hairs of the main intersection and the town is near a Parkway/Interstate and nearby are the homes of the township and a few small businesses. The land that comes into view divides the town into sections. This landscape comes into view here as it divides the township. 
The land also divides the town into sections, this directional heading is west. The town is Fulton, KY.  The town sleeps in a time goneby in a time of it’s own. This landscape comes as creases to the township and is unused. The road leads towards a fiefdom out lining against the fields it is owned by a professional business man.


It has been said that if you want to catch a passenger train to Chicago here in Fulton is where you must catch it, although that train stops at some point up the tracks somewhere probably about a mile or so from the freight station. This is because the station is not situated for awaiting passengers nor is it a safe public facility, safe or otherwise and is not allocated to the public. It departs at 1:30 AM so if you want to catch the train to Chicago you must be at the little Amtrak Station early. There is a small modular trailer there. The only other place to catch the passenger train going north is some two hundred miles further away north across the state line and into another State. 



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