A Letter To My Friend


My friend is Madison. I think it’s fitting for a name and it fits him. Well, it fits me too. He’s a very nice person. In truth I want to introduce Madison to an Artisan community and would like for him to meet Jeanne. Very soon perhaps we will meet all three of us. But until then I will write Madison a letter. I’m trying to make contact with him after such a long long time. Jeanne is an Artist Instructor at the School of Art here locally.  She’s very talented and also very pretty.

A Letter To My Old Friend

 I’ve been trying to reach you. I have traveled over several miles recently. I’ve earned this I guess, if you want to call it that. You see we have earned it I guess, we say we’re retired so we have to account for our time. In fact I don’t feel like I’m retired. I wish I had something else to do here. I’m not employed as you can see, only traveling if you want to call that working. Would you like to meet up or something? Surely we could but where? l will be there. Wherever you can reach me. How are you?

   I can remember when I was working and this was just to keep the activities up and earn a few dollars. I wish I could travel more but it is expensive. So, I just ride my motorcycle. I’m not working anywhere I’m retired. I thought about doing something crazy like taking a Greyhound bus somewhere like to Chicago. Ha! Now that is just crazy, somewhat of an idea, it’s all about seeing the landscape. I wouldn’t have to drive. I could enjoy it, I think. I could be like a drifter or act like one or just be a drifter. Just peering out of the window of the bus and also along the way you meet some of the most interesting people.

  I like that character in LEE CHILD books I read them, they are a series. The character’s name is JACK REACHER. The CHILD writings are an excellent read all of his books and his characters are rather interesting. I am intrigued. One character is an ex-military cop who has retired after just 13 years in the army. It was because of the draw down of the army some years back . He is JACK REACHER and he is a character who goes about traveling around the country, he has no suit cases, no credit cards, no car but he has money. All he has are the clothes that he wears and also his tooth brush his activities don’t always add up to what you would expect from a person, a person who is normal anyways but he always gets into physical confrontations. He’s a real good boxer a combat fighter in the army who chased criminals yet now he’s a drifter and he is a big fellow. These books by LEE CHILD are the work of fiction.

  I thought about being like him. I have thought about buying me a Kermit’s Chair,


to carry around on my motorcycle or truck. I would stop at places anywhere perhaps, sit down and just relax to the bone. I mean what’s an old geezer like me going to do? Well, I’m not that old. What about yourself what are you going to do with yourself when you retire.

So when are you coming back through town? Well, I sure would like to try and reach you there and get back up there to see you. I really like seeing the Northwestern part of the country. I wish to do more traveling you know, I can do that with my vehicles. Its a thing with me. Man I wish! Well, take care and write when you can.

Joey Sally


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