A Soft Spot or Two Each Having Their Own Soft Spot

Somewhere there was an exciting fireworks display during the day. However they let it play out. It had excited the dogs in nearby homes.

 And…As if it were a celebration, this couple leaves due to the uncertainty of it all as did others. Perhaps ever do for with the romanticism, it was the couple’s honeymoon. They couldn’t concentrate on their love making. 

“You were a wintery calm a warmth My Dear and refreshing also My Love.” 

 Day-in day-out loves always staying constantly intertwined in their loins, making love to one another on this their honeymoon.

 “Figures, now I can’t concentrate in here in our hotel Darling with those soldiers outside our window, there are munitions exploding outside”

“No Honey, it’s a fireworks display, rather an explosion at the plant nearby us,” she states.

“Oh Really?” He had a worried look on his face.

“Yes, look at the news coverage,” she turns on TV to the local channel.


…”The populace saluted the motorcade of city officials. The fire department and policemen and other city officals, good ole boys who were present all saluted as they drove away, saluting one another and themselves.  Also…”

 Bobby, the newlywed explains,” If these fabrications are real then it’s a probably a monopoly. They probably control all the cash coming in and the computer’s software. If you ever purchase fireworks at any one of those joints you’ll begin to see the bug.”

A much bigger fish remains at large.




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