She’s So Mild Milder Than Me

IMG_20160417_142329.jpgWhen I look at you I see you as a complacent restful soul. Why yes! That’s when it hits me, “She knows no impending dangers.”

She’s so mild, milder than me. I think though with me the tensions are inside me and they are explosive to a point. Whatever it is though it’s running towards me and at my fears but I run away in order to evade this shadowy quell of darkness and it’s her hands. I’ve started to run. It’s too late though she’s already upon me and has caught me, she or whatever she is. Yes, and it’s her hands, someone’s hands meddling around feeling the shape the form of my body outlining me and my shape with her hands touching, touching me, a gentle pulling to come here. Why don’t I let her, “Let her have her way with me,” I told myself. Perhaps this older woman older than me, a woman but she’s not trying to restrain me. Yes, they want something from me although it’s perhaps just an act, a way of kindness. If a way to show kindness and generosity, I do not recognize this kindness. I admit it although it is very alluring, actually I should try and go along with her and go with the flow. I will need then to buy her flowers because as she advances towards me I’ll present them to her. “Let’s try to get caught up with her, try it dammit!” Try and see where this may lead, in fact it may lead to something sexual in nature or not? Either way but whatever, would this bother me? Well, I’m human and I’m liable to do whatever she wants. Really though, I was too young or younger than her to make sense of this woman’s gestures. What does she want from me. Oh, she wants to show me her pet dog or for me to clean her carpets never mind washing her back. She is grabbing my arm, “I don’t won’t to hear from you,” I would say. The pulling the gesturing what does it all mean.

 Oh, but she’s a gentle soul, without a doubt.

“I wasn’t aware of your kindness and for that I am sorry now. You are a gentle soul from what I can see, you seem to want something from me so, let’s go and do as you wish my Madam Dearest.”


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