This Town Is All Dried Up

Larry Hogsnway has withdrawn from his activities and that has happened because you see often times he gets thrown out of places and now he’s on the run running away.

He looks at his schedule. He’s sharply peers at his watch, “There’s more time here. Maybe I should go back and get her.”

“Larry Hogsnway, Shutup! Who’s with you and your willingness to pursue any of the southbound buses to Atlanta?”

“Hey Larry, you just starting out this morning?” He’s heading down to the bus depot at 1:30 A.M. the station’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

He tells em he’s got more than that:

“You people ain’t right.” Some employers shit on their people, it’s because the deals are crooked and the whole place is a wretched hell hole. “Hello no, won’t go back inside ever!”


A fast push to the bus depot now he waits for the driver to signify the ticketing and boarding process. Ready now he hops on the bus. This time he never pushed so hard and so fast.

“There’s more time here, maybe I should go back and get her.”


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