Some Come Home Jessica Honey

The nightclubs and the dinner parties. 

I remember the dress you wore and with your stunning attire you dress to please. And this is pleasing you’re always asking me something and you knew how, you would ask, “How do I look?”

Taking the moments to glance very quickly around the room. We were roomates.




 I remembered how this made me feel. I was fond of the way you peered eyes at the both us and that you were casting very quick glances around the room that your words were asking for more. I let it be known that I too will take my turn speaking. You did however counter back and everytime you did I would cut-in and what I want most was the absurd eye contact as this was apparently appalling and quite sexy in fact.

 I would let you step in with your questions,”Come get me my Darling, I’m yours aren’t I?” Sounding a way so very sexy your voice a deep Whiskey Mama.

  Oh this tone of voice you have, deep penatrating and you’re asking with straight forward eyes in contact with mine. You’ve said, “Come again,” and you should have noticed that he and I were getting along exceptionally well. It was hidden, his thoughts and his words subtle in nature, passive yet these were his thoughtful gestures therefore relevant to bring my attentions back to you. At first, I led the conversations. We talked of many thing, we had,alot in common. So soon after you were admiring the both of us, admiring both him and I because we all three were enjoying ourselves ! 

Come, we’re ready for you and now you are too!

The Memories  


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