They’re Gone

I was trying to read what was going on inside my mind, something pertaining to my thoughts either way this was going to have to wait for another day.  Sweet I thought. So all I have to do is just walk away from whatever it is that I’m doing in my home and dismiss it for another 24 hours or so I thought. Oh, I will turn that television off because technology allows one to see the last channel viewed.
Yes, that was the thought, to notice the little things around the room after I had departed. I would leave things untouched in my home for when I return. I would see the place as I had left it and what I had been doing or thinking, reading. See it all.
And I never did it. I saw it as if I’d seen it that way all of it, in my mind. No harm, no fowl and no one got hurt or blamed for anything. “They’re gone, gone!” Who would care? “You would care,” I told myself. But you know that’d be neglectful. It would be disgusting. No, I had spent a schedule of a week deep cleaning my home. That’s so when I return things would be in order. When you return you want to relax. And there’s the gardener and the housekeeper to pay. It’s part of being a homeowner and that’s of the additional caretaking, the checking, the vigilance and the work.



It wasn’t the first time away from home and some may call this a hiatus. I can’t wait to return to that part of the world again.

Yes, and just looking back on everything that I have done to get myself over there -this time to that part of the world, I can say yes, I really did enjoy doing this. I can look back to where I’ve been, the many spectacular places with people and on occasions where with these same people we traveled together to different localities and because of this I am happy. I’m always ready though when the time comes to get back to my home because I need the rest and some time to restore my engines. Well, whatever your itinerary happens to be whether it will be a week or for several weeks or for many months the in transit time to travel takes it’s toll. You know I squint when I think of those airline stewardesses, the airline pilots, those rock stars people who travel away frequently traveling globally, how do they do that. To tell you the truth I don’t know how they do this. But I’ll keep digging and will be doing this again and again. Expressed, I can look back and become envious of my youth and this is something we all face or will face but giving up is not an option. I still love the experience of trekking if you wish to call it that or traveling. This is why I try to keep my self in good physical condition.
How about you. Are you in good physical shape to travel globally and be travel ready at a moments notice? Where’s the excitement, where are all those many adventures places and who’s ready for the undertaking of such adventures.


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