His Deception Wiggles But To Whom

“Thank you for your clemency and forgiving me. I get the all clear and you’re not delineating astuteness of my ways. I can see you’re not sultry or anything, sulking or pouting. You are being forthright and I see no deceptive involvement if that’s what people do in those area projects where you live.  And you were right in your coming out. The storm’s about to unfold as that skin of ours


flushes and we’re skirting our nakedness.”

Only if the imaginable were real. What if you speak to someone never again but instead decide to. Isn’t it funny how patterns in life evolve then come into fruition just beyond something we’ve seen. Having seen this it gives us an idea that we better talk:

“Thank you for your clemency for forgiving me and giving me the all clear. Nevertheless you hold me at my self worth but I am capable of nothing  much at this point. I have previously halted our outings what we do, the affordable things we did together and my attention for you. This was our habit where you and I spent time together. You were of astuteness and had cunning ways where you would deny the obvious lying about what the fact were. Just be yourself and be who you are and no one else. Thank you though for being something to me. That’s all I’m saying. God you’re so sexy.”

Possibly sighted passing along a few choice words to another woman on his cellular phone. He was caught but he wasn’t being naughty. Husband, he just strangely loves other women.


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