I Have Read So Many Different Poems

  I have read ‘Only If You Kiss Me’ and ‘You Do Not Feel The Need For Anything More’ and more. I have read these poems and others by serveral distinct Poets. I have discovered their poems are just like oxygen, their words and word content seem to go straight to your heart.
 I thought of her character Lizzy from ‘You Do Not Feel The Need For Anything More’. Alternatively Lizzy has been going about her business of tidying up herself from her last relationship. She is glad to be moving on with her life and with another friend, apparently she met someone and they’re lovers now based upon a brief interlude based upon a keen attraction for one another. Oh, and that’s just me. I can see Lizzy rushing around going about her shopping at a grocery store those are real life consequences you know I guess you’d think?
 I love the poetry from her poem “Only If You Kiss Me.” I was taken aback by this particular author’s writing as if on cue right after I had read just a few of her poems. Now that I’ve read some of them the Poet’s work and her writing, I thought maybe I could reach out and write to her or write about her, then out of nowhere my fears stopped me. Her first poem that I have read was just a fictional story this was just a poem but I loved it and if I reply to her I would say,

You behave so differently,”

I wanted to tell her and also,

Your writing touches me personally, I love it.”

 I would tell the author:

Oh you, how could you having never felt loved. You’re like an extremely beautiful glamour model but you’ve never remembered feeling loved by anyone? Having felt loved, did you not know this person? Yes, perhaps you knew that person but you never knew of such dependency and depending on how much my mind reads this, how to treat them. So, I say treat them with kindness, they love you.”

‘You See Me Don’t You With My Back To You’. Now here’s another full bodied poem. Now what did this Poet’s character say, “You seem to.” She’s saying this to her audience. Seem to what? That the audience seems to have noticed her with her back facing away from her viewers?

Do I See You? And one replies, “Not really! I’m reading your poem.” Amen Brother! Yet you deduce the differences.

Why do I have to deduce the character’s arbitration? Maybe she was advertising and this is where she had captured a few lines like a screenwriter does wanting to be followed down there and these were her settings and this was a bar with a stage for entertaining. Of all the colors in writing here in poetry this one Poet’s poetry she writes eroticism. Here she reminds me of improvising sort of like those stand up comedians. She is referring to them. I am reading her well though. Okay, she gets a lovely woman’s voice, an entertainer or an actor to recite the Poet’s work to an audience. I am aware of these importunities and I am aware of her writing but remarkablely so it’s a different form of delivering the message. She delivers her work in a way others like myself enjoy. Her work involves having her poems recited whichever way as to capture this effect. “Oh please don’t destroy the sensation, yourself, arms spreading and your naked back showing. I’m admiring you.”

Sensing you looking at your photo would not be the same as if being along side of you? No, so don’t destroy the sensationalism of the poem of its words because that’s what it’s trying to say in poetry. 
Oh, I’m dreaming. “Oh, I love your pictures and your words, they don’t lie do they, so we’ll have to won’t we ?” I would write her. She replies back, “Oh time will tell,” she tells me. Nice poems too.

‘Silence May Carry Over Such A Long Period of Time’ and ‘Graffiti It’s Something We Didn’t Do But Reunions’. I remember reading these poems as well.

Remembering now that you mention it but I never saw graffiti anywhere growing up in my hometown. I mean I hadn’t noticed none not until I ended up in the North East and this was near the on-ramps of an interstate I had noticed. I was younger then. Dramatic effect it had on me.

“Baby, I love you still.” I mean visually, it was written somewhere visible referring to anyone who seems to be reading this. I enjoyed seeing this piece of art as I recall. I like to call it art. This was art and had been near the interstate on-ramp up where there are are large hoards of population-based city people dwellers in and around New York City.
 Somethings you didn’t see too much not in my hometown growing up, these were the very large adorned segments, sections of walls that had graffiti all over them. This wasn’t something you’d see inside of schools anyway, trains and near train stations maybe. I still like the art of it though. Have you seen graffiti anywhere in your community?

But Reunions…


‘Oh The Other Day’
A poem I read. A poem about reunions.

 The characters were walking about outside it was on a spring day.  It made me feel like I would do that too, this poem, that I could of very well tagged along with the characters, but it’s wasn’t for Mr. Me, it was for them the women.
 This was the rural outdoors and out in the countryside. And it made me think, what a place for a reunion, this will be such a privilege being together in such a place also this is what they like to do so, why not? This is just my perspective on things.

‘If There Were A Reunion Of REUNIONS, CHEERLEADERS and Old Dogs’. Old Dogs, that’s us guys. A poem about If there were reunions.

 It has been my experience that with all the happenings around a big city, large cities anywhere big enough large places where a venue could gather to support and in such cases of conventions, whether it be either hobbies, annual connections with people at work for work, with families, on relationship to special interests, sells conventions, awesomeness, cars, people and places etc whatever your hobbies are or whatever your activities happen to be, a reunion of this nature needs to have an entire weekend. It would take some traveling too and a lot of planning. A reunion may take place somewhere and be held in the spring or perhaps in the summer. It could be at an old farm turned in to an Artistian community with a fine restaurant situated within the site for example. Find a location to resurrect a few good things of neutrality, activities that


strike a median subversion and be of interest to people.

 So when I’m seeing all the old familiar faces, meeting new people and gosh who knows what else, that’s what I’m talking about, what would this be like?

Of all the poems that I have read I think that I am perfectly capable of acting them out. I’m liable to do anything.


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