Baby I Love You

“Baby I love you,” is what I told them. Who was I talking to. To whom was I referring this thought to. They eventually asked me and I answered them,  “To each one of you. We will have fun tonight!”


What had emboldened me so. I was the only male of the group, “I’m not sure,” I told myself. I told my side of the story, everything to the women present including my wife. They were nevertheless excited about my presence, eventually all were taken aback by what I had to say.

What did I let fly and why? I chose my words wisely. I uttered things mostly what labeled me as an animal. I am somewhat of an animal I didn’t care, I mean I’m a man, the only man out of a group of women, pretty women. They obviously knew that men were animals. I was giving a man’s view on certain matters, his concerns, about his views and desires of what men have. They knew this but now they’ve heard it from me. I truthfully confirmed it and was confronted by this. It was not surprising. Truth was I had a raging hard-on.

“Why does a person say this openly,” they ask. “Especially him, he has everything,” they thought.

Because it turns him on. He was attested he assumed or so he thought but he was wanting this. His confessions were letting it all out and not that he was turning away from those wrongs, they were not those kinds of confessions. Yes, they were in control of him, of his mind and of his body in a way, so much so. He admired the technical way they held him in their little group. He just thought he was heading out into the countryside for a leisurely stroll, along for a ride on the little roads by bicycle. A countryside somewhere where there is solitude.

He thought that he had spoken enough, now more action was required. He would have to let fly something else, something imaginable to their eyes, surely something they could see for reasons he knew of and he also knew what they expected of him. He knows women and he knows what women desire and these women are no different and because of this, he needed to display his manlihood simply because he was a man, a gentleman and a protectionist. He would take a shower in these woods. He was an avid outdoorsman, knowledgeable and experienced of all things outdoors and knowledgeable of women too. Not entirely though.

Where there was a spring, a ‘Natural Well’ he would find that body of water. He was one to detect it simply by using such crude devices. A pond if by floating still, a calm place where to bath, he would find it.  Of course, there were no bathrooms out here because this was in nature and the out of doors where things are this way in the outdoors. There were no places where to hide for your privacy, so much so, or where to change into your birthday suit so to speak. He would be seen by them, by all of the other women out here in his nakedness, proving to each of them his manliness.

He takes notice of the rural countryside, of the way they wore their elegant attire and the goings on in the small taverns, bars and restaurants. The village square and the town center, of the town and of the church most particular, this all seems so very charming to him.

“I can see where my shame has approached me.  May I share with you that there’s no comparison to this place when I go back to there and I have been coming here for many years returning year after year.  I cannot change an entire structure, it is that way, a home that has been built typically the way homes have been built for generations right here in this lovely place. I can see the roadside and the views. I take pictures on this related topic. I love their landscaping, all the beauty and the lovely scenery. What about their beautiful homes? Lovely and different, definitely a difference in cultures other than my own.”

He is in Europe exploring the countryside of Northern Italy. Today he is in the company of a group of women pretty women. He’s the only man present. They are all riding their bicycles during the day and it is time for lunch.

The general populous understands this type architecture.  They understand these types of meals, their long siestas especially at lunch. Their homes are built in ways all have understood and in general the way architectural structures were built and suited more specifically for their needs. These were masonry homes. They were structures where one woman and one man lived. They raised a family. There were farms also, and all of the buildings were built out of masonry. They would simply hold together certainly for many years.

Now after studying this type of geographical setting, having merely admired this, of these specific types of architectural buildings. This is a place. Truth is, it’s alluring, actually it’s eroticism or excuses thereof to be erotic amended truly by love at first sight, of all things. It’s whatever you call it, this helps to bind the two of them, a man and a woman together also through the difficult times. A work in progress. “This is it, this is the place,” he had said.  A place inviting to your senses where you visualize something, someone perhaps, her or she or them, “They’re all alike,” he told himself.

But the women, they know this setting and this place. Perhaps he does not. It’s a learning process but one he loves, he’s allured by it. This is his second home except for the labeling of it, this was a world apart from where he grew up and from what he knows. It was erotic, but not error and not wrong.

He thought it were for the former Kings and the Lords, of Castles who have ruled in regions where they created intentional strong holds, strong fortresses to prevent against attack. These strong holds or fortresses had gates and draw bridges, an entire city of a population where people dwelling within lived behind these structured walls.

…The sources of suppliers were truly the answer. But before I answer this, I’ve come to my own conclusions. That all those trees were cut down and the wood used in brick ovens to bake pizzas…

It didn’t matter about the doors or that a door was wider or that there were none perhaps just passageways, that ceilings were taller or that bedrooms had no closets. Now about the beds, where was their box springs? Where’s the front door, main entrance or the door to the rear of the place? This is a place you’ve checked into already but still, it seems like an institution.

We all laughed and we ate. And while we were eating a small feast I thought, “This is great,” I had a preconceived notion that I was feeding all these pretty lady friends of mine. These pretty ladies, how wonderful. People, friends dining, “Here Darling let me put this piece of meat in your mouth.”

So we did eat and eat. And we laughed. I had a good time laughing like I’m innocent to this.


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