My Teeth


The nicest person says to me and my friend, “I want you to show me yous teeth.” Oh, and he shows us his gritting teeth alright, he also coaches for the Powerball.


This comes with a reward. If a person begans to say outlandish things to you like that, that there will be rewards afterward, he is going to show you something or give you something later but not until you answer him. If you’re still around it probably means you are going to listen. It may be anything, regardless you have just volunteered yourself. In other words you’ve been set up.

So he teaches you how to play powerball and he’s somewhat concerned about your teeth?

“Hey Coach, if and when I ever move to Florida, after I win the powerball, if I live that long, I’ll have to have one of those miracle can openers. You got that?”

Oh, I’ve got the trend and traveling thing going on you know and with my fancy luggage. We’ll arrive somewhere after winning the lottery and be staying at the Ritzy-Spritzy.

I know of people that are now very wealthy and are in-the-know of these issues. These people came from families who lived in dreaded places, who didn’t have much, yet they are now millionaires. That Powerball coach too is a millionaire, after he helped all these people win it -if you can really believe that.

I think we’re all physiologically and genetically aligned through Adam and Eve though.

“I’m a damn charmer, ”  says the coach.

Our first fertile cities. The Garden of Eden was one of them. A habitat for health and for proper humanity.  Adam and Eve creating growth, Eve’s a bobcat, a cougar, a kitten and a lynx.  She’s toasted and spread, volunteering. What more can you say it’s only bread. You’re mind is reeling.

A soft spot or two, each having their own soft spot maybe one or more. Adam and Eve were like this.

This is one blog I’m sure that gets to people. But if anyone could have been made millionaires, Adam and Eve would have for creating growth.


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