Doing A Little Improvisation

That which has transpired has arrived.  Now editing her life and doing a little improvisation.

“I hate it when there is nothing to do and then then all a sudden the commitments are coming down upon me, being thrown at me in layers on the same day!”

“That’s because they are jealous.”

“Or perhaps you shall see young lady that they love you but not in a luscious way, but in the way of their hearts. They’re not mad at you. They love you and wish to spend time with you, taking the time to admire you.”


You as a couple will want to spend time together.

“I’m not going back there, are you,” she says.

And also she states:

“I’d rather stay here in this house, this is where I live now. I live with him. I guess this is his home and all, well, he’s older than me but still..”

 “I used to live in nightclubs -practically, where everyone you meet or everyone I ever met had the same level of energy as me.”

Night Clubs? Now she’s spilling her gut out.

“Yes, it only serves to make you realize how the commitments go, only after everyone else has made their comments that being on the same day, aaaaaaaah damn!”


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