When You

When You…

When you see someone who looks like you, ask them if they would like to share a fine cigar with you.

If you know a person and he looks like you. He out ranks you by one notch. He flys so high sometimes, but right then you think, “If they’d only lite.”  So when they lite you say,  “Let’s go have a smoke, have a talk and a drink something, whatever you’d like.”

“Tell me your scheme,” he may ask. The one who looks like you. You can start a conversation like this.

If he falls for your scheme that you have created, this tryst, then he expects you to deliver on something.

You then ask that person to play golf with you. You may be able to look upon your resources, ways in which to get a charitable golf tournament going. But you better have promulgated it already, started this golf thing into motion. You should ultimately have it scheduled and a done deal. It’s when you initiate such a fun turn around in the work place this is when you get his attention and this will get you raises and so forth.

So you present this to him the one who looks like you. Make this possible for everyone and all the departments allowing them to be spontaneous and let them have a vocal say about the charity event so it will became widely acceptable. He may accept your challenge.

This will resurrect you afterwards and reward you. It will help boost the moral of the company.

So, your weekend event starts off on a Friday. The charity golf tournament will begin on a Friday. Participants who have signed up to play golf will have that day off. The cost of paying for the green fees and with the total package contributes to the charity. So the golf club waivers the proceeds on the green fees and gives the proceeds to the charitable organization.

Sounds good.

Wanting someone to be estatic, overflowing with energy giving new insights only when the right person comes along waiting wanting.

When you see someone who looks like you, ask them to a have fine cigar with you.

I mean of the like mindedness.

Cut Your Hair. It’s Summertime. Get Out and Do Something. That’s a start.

No more than your hair weighs to have let it grown that long, the strands are like a sharp knife on your back. Hair being that long placed on an air bubble that pops that bubble…….life.

Like if when a dissension accords us to fall from within like an oppressive dystopia, it moves us backward without growth. Screw that!

Our generation have said that we were put there by force on the job and into our careers.  What if you had been coddled, nutured and handled without skirmish, with skirmish, spoiled like that.

Well, even if that were true thank you because in just a short time my moral standards would have improved like something coming down from the heavens above, but it never happened and it’s not going to happen not with this new generation of foofy couch potatoes.

Get outside and do something.  Summer is here.



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