My Friend Jacques Moved Away



My friend Jacques Leering has moved away and hasn’t been seen since. He moved out into the country I guess for the solitude. I wonder what he’s up to these days.

I have seen him in town once a couple of years ago but with many years of age. We had a howdy doody in the shopping mall parking lot.

Okay, he said he moved out into the country for the solitude, that he hasn’t seen anyone hardly at all.

We all knew Jacques from school growing up.

“What did he tell you,” a friend asks.

“That’s he’s out there in the country at his home and this is where he’s been ever since.”

“What does he do?”

“He’s working. He moved out there five years after school and right after college.”

“Has he no where else to go? Does he aspire to do anything, to do greater things?”

“I guess not.”

“Oh, for gosh sakes, that’s so sad! I guess he likes it out there?”

“You should contact him and ask him if there’s nothing better.”

“Jacques, is there really nothing better?”  I ask him.

“Nah, nothing,” he said.

“What’d he tell you?” A friend asks.

“Nah.. really nothing. Nothing at all!”




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