Fragments and Fragrances

Fragments and fragrances are two pieces of our life’s story, just two tiny pieces. We are physically in one piece and hopefully we are healthy. The body does not aways produce a pleasurable fragrance. On occasion we wear perfumes. Men wear aftershaves.

I’m sure that we’re reminded of the raw fragrance our body produces it’s called oder.  We use personal hygiene products that mask these oders and we must do this if not we will stink. And just to mention that most

will use this hygine because it will mask our bodies from a rude stink. But we don’t want to stink. So we go about with soaps and bathing and everything and taking showers or soaking ourselves in whatever. Things like this that make our bodies feel fresh and stay sweet smelling.

 Did you ever wonder, these people, they don’t want to do this, they just want to do that.

 Foreshadowing will improve everything, it keeps everything in good running order. Withholding something back won’t be worth anything. However there are just too many differences amongst ourselves within our own vibrant lifestyles. Keeping it clean though is a foregone conclusion, we must do this. We just need to listen to one another. Make it count please. We perceive to listen and we need to. But do we?

 Having said this I think that the social media networks all take shape into different fragments of our daily lives. We may differ in using them. We are all not alike. Also on each site we are all not alike whether they be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google G+, or YouTube and there’s more. And I think each may be in keeping with one’s personality but then again we are all not alike in ways which you can obviously see. Sometimes this may bring controversy amongst others and amongst ourselves across the stream of social media users-my post or unlike your post. You’ll learn that you cannot piggyback an account over a web browser and share posts with someone’s account and not all of our own post should be shared from one site to another and so forth.

It’s the composition of these posts by which we theme them. Like a fragrance attracting more people to us, it makes your senses come out, it makes you fuck harder. 

I’ve read that in order to really excell in the social media web-based accounts you need your own website sharing on websites like WordPress. 

The passionate girls as seen on Instagram for example, those extremely beautiful glamour models, they are on social media they have families and have a real life. Their families have extended to their privacies as they wish. They do this modeling on Instagram and post revealing images of themselves. Maybe they’re trying to start a career modeling. These selfies have started something but it’s when you don’t hire a professional photographer that you do these half naked photos of yourself. Too, we like to have our on-line life kept private in a privacy setting like in our home somewhere where no one can edify us.

Sometimes it’s deemed necessary on social media that we think it’s about time to morph into something else. You can be anything you want to on here. 

I thought it particularly odd that this one young and very popular Twitter user her account was probably hacked into. She wasn’t there any longer, her handle was still the same but her photo was that of another person completely.  All of her following and followers were strangely different. Was she hacked into or was this her very own exit strategy? A very clever story if this was her exit strategy and yes, that account is still active. Strange Stuff on that Tweeter!

Well, happy postings and BTW have you changed your password recently? Just checking. Cheers!


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