Preacher Preach To Me A Sermon

Preacher Preach To Me A Sermon

The word is: 

This word reminds me of a hush-hush word. It’s rumored to be naughty. And I’m not trying to be.

Let me introduce you to a relative story.

This is a true story, in fact it happened to me very recently.

I heard the preacher speak one Sunday morning at church services. Let me describe it to you in brief. And I’m not a religious person and I never post about religion.

The preacher stood up there on Sunday morning and he’s preaching about love and marriage. He first announces a disclaimer, stating that his sermon is on sex, love and marriage and it may be offensive to younger persons in attendance and what he is about to preach on should be heard only by a more mature audience. He claims that children of a certain age may have conflicts with understanding this subject. As it turns out his subject was on sex and it wasn’t very church-like. However this was his sermon.

Long story short, what if he had said this word, ‘Penetralia’ the word-of-the day.  Well, It rhymes with genitalia. You know that word. It seems to make an identical sound we provide pronouncing the word Genitalia. The meaning is also quite simular.

Oh really! Here the preacher is walking a tight rope. Nope, he doesn’t say it. But what if, I mean he’s already there and in the ballpark so to speak.

That’s it!

We should carry red flags with us to church might as well. You know those red flags we sometimes refer to. We should wave them around whenever we hear something like this. 

Preacher, we’re humans and there are no ulterior motives or they’re shouldn’t be. It’s better that way, to have a simpler life. But then again how does this make one feel specifically when its heard being talked about in public and at church. Well, a little like a devilish mess that’s what.


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