Jeff’s Man Cave

“This has an intriguing ring,” Jeff says,

“…this, this Ghedov’s Health Spa.”

Now Lizzy thinks, “You’re not describing what it is that you want. Whatever it is that’s on that mind of yours or what you’re thinking, you really need to give me more details.”

“Say whatever you wish. Who says this?”

“Just a very good friend of mine,” Lizzy replies.

“Oh, I know who it is, I’ll ask her,” he says.

“May I ask, her?”  Lizzy wants to ask Suzy Thrashersan for a visit and Lizzy knows Jeff invites many people down there to his man cave.

Lizzy states, “You always do what you want and you never ask me?” Why? Yooouu want something or someone different than me don’t you. Well, I can be that way too!”

It’s a question she knew she had to ask.

He thought it was all about to blow up on him…

“You were describing something to me one-time and in my mind I was trying to know how you where going to bring this all into fruition,” Jeff says.

He continues, “How inconsiderate of me thinking out loud.”

Lizzy speaks out, “Oh, you’re smart. You should try it.”

“Try what,” Jeff asks.

“Narrate your thoughts out loud.”

Jeff replies, “You mean you’re jealous thoughts.”

Lizzy states, “I’m not jealous I love other women.”

Later after he reads a book entitled,

‘How To Operate The System,’

“But People Guys and Dolls, We have made up our minds,”
he snapped, “Hahaha!”

He has the prefect place where to operate this system or as he likes to call it,

“Mode of Operation Domain.”
This is officially known as his,

“Man Cave.”

He invites many young women into his man cave. This time he invites Suzy down to his man cave.

“Come on down, It’s a cool place to smoke and drink and just loosen up.”

“I know there will be obstacles down here but I will prove to you that they don’t matter.”

“Yes, I will follow you. I’m coming, I’m coming!”

“Okay, you’re an insider, a city slicker and you’re pretty cool but this is my man cave and these are my rules. What goes on down here, stays here.”



“Gotcha, but my boyfriend he’s gonna be pretty mad at me when he finds out. You know I’ve been telling everyone he’s my boyfriend. Now if he finds out about this he’s going to be like,  “What the hell Suzy.”

“One time I told him to move far away from me.”


“Cause, I didn’t think I liked him or loved him or that I wanted anything to do with him. I didn’t hate him though.”

“But you do love him don’t you?”

“Please! That’s personal and that’s all I’m going to say.”

“So, it’s nice to meet you Suzy,” Jeff says.

“Oh thanks,  it’s nice to meet you too.”

“You know Suzy whenever I see Suzy doing her thing, she’s like all the time making her rounds and I think, “Hey, I know her she’s Lazy Susan.”

“Ha  Ha.”

“Okay Suzy, I could tell you about all this but I don’t think you want me to. Do you?  I mean, you don’t give a damn do you?”

“Know what, do what?”

“That this film is great for viewing the human anatomy.”

“Oh Pleeease, Yes.”

Jeff likes pole dancing. He has a great dancer set up in his basement.
It is Lizzy.

Lizzy started to dance as Jeff and Suzy began to watch the movie.

“I can see things are going smoothly.”


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