Please Sit Next To Me Near The Fire

Again we have another encounter with Mrs.Lowe.

“Please sit next to me near the fire where we’ll get warm. It’s okay, come, next to me, is anyone still out there?”

I think you are right, this might even elude to more romance.

“Oh yes, That’s so much better, so tell me about her, what’s happening with you and her?”

“Well, thank you Mrs. Lowe this is so nice. Oh, she’s good. She’s around, she just travels with her job alot. She’ll steal your heart away really but no, she’s away right now working.”

Mrs. Lowe explains, “Okay. Well, I sought you out after I found out about her devotion and her expertise, about what a wonderful personality she has. She has a great attitude. She’s a very devoted person. She’s a wholesome caring and very loving woman.”


That’s so sexy.

“Oh, thank you Mrs. Lowe.”

A smoky remnant still remains of the burning embers in the fireplace.

“Mrs. Lowe, I’ll go fetch some more fire wood where do you keep it?”

The new and small thick sticks of wood make for an excellent source of fuel to quickly rekindle the flames. The more mature wood is ready to burn and burn all night long. 

“Do you get your wood, I mean bring it home Mrs. Lowe?”

“Oh yes, yes I did and I do and it’s all right here. It’s ready. And I so love real ‘hard’ wood.”

The evening has alighted their wonder. 


Is there any.


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