I Met You In A Forest One Day

I Met You In A Forest One Day

Recently I’ve noticed there are features on here like notifications, direct messages where this allows users to send and receive messages. Also where you interact. Maybe I’ve misconstrued those articles to mean something else or maybe I’m just not getting it. 


And I’m not a timid or shy person or anything like that. Lately though I have noticed that our four step freindship process hasn’t been reviewed.

* there’s no such thing

Anyway we’re looking at the idea of becoming friends. Isn’t that a wonderful idea. Certainly it is within our reach.

*A great conversation starter

What if like, of all those joints we use to frequent so often, the bars, the nightclubs and the discos where we drank and danced the night away. I have met you there and we fell into these wonderful conversations, and this was in one of those places. Well, one particular place, you should know of the one.

*dreaming aren’t we

What if as I was strolling down the path alone in a forest dense with trees and stuff like that, where the light diminishes inside and the next thing that happens I have suddenly bumped into you. I had not seen you. What if I met you in a forest one day.  Would this be my message, and then we rode off in a horse drawn carriage back into town.

“Are you my ‘Little Pinky’ foretold I would meet in a forest.”


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