Canola Spring Fields

You smell canola. Did you ever smell the oil while you’re cooking? I do and that’s when I’m waiting for the oil to get hot. You make the oil hot when you’re popping popcorn and if you’re using canola oil you smell the canola.

This oil is safe for human consumption. It is among the healthiest of plant-based oils. It is low in saturated fat.

I did smell the fragrance near these fields and I’m not a farmer by any means. What was that smell? I didn’t know. You know, you have to ask. I didn’t see anyone to ask.
Like I said, I’m not a farmer and never been one.

“You just have to stop,” I told myself this. Yes, you have to stop and get out of your vehicle.  Now you have to put your olfactories to use.  Plus the winds were strong carring the smell. 

Spoiler Alert! I didn’t want to refer the smell as a fragrance. It had an oder. Oders can be thought of as stinking, this wasn’t smelling too good.

I couldn’t distinguish what that smell was or even what those yellow flowers were.  Did I even smell the right thing? There was a farm nearby and you know certain smells come from farms. Yeah, chicken farms. OMG!

“Well, I’ll have to Google it,” gives me something to do I thought.

I found out and here I’m guessing the crop to be Canola Spring Fields.

This is based on the things I pulled up on bing. And that smell. My memory returned back to that smell
-my olfactory memories.

Ah yes, it did smell distinctly like canola oil.  This is a first time for me.  Whatever is


in those fields the flowers were a lovely scenery out there in the rural country side.


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