Buying Real Estate with Mr. Robson

Today Mr. Robson works with a new client.

Gerry, who is looking for investment property that has the potential for business development.

“I wish I could go back inside there Mr.Robson. This was the home where my grandparents once lived.” 

Gerry states that he hasn’t been inside since his family sold the home many years ago. He would delight of the old familiar smells inside. His grandparents have long since gone on now. 

“Still I wonder.  Maybe I should go back in there and introduce myself.  I’m not sure how that would work.  Perhaps if I’m deeply in love with my grandparent’s older home I should bid on it today with my agent Mr. Robson.  I could buy it back.  But I’m not sure if that’s going to happen anytime soon.  If that does happen great!  Maybe if the city were to zone the area neighborhood to commercial then I would know exactly what I would do with the property.  It would be a pub/ bar/ restaurant.”

“Do you mean you will view the property ?”  Mr. Robson asks if I wished to view the property.

“Yes,” was Gerry’s answer.

“I took you to be serious because just as you state, in this particular area the zoning rules have changed.”

Mr.Robson explains that this location where Gerry is looking has been zoned for commercial business.

“Oh sure, I’ll go back inside there but I don’t know the current owners.” 

“Gerry, come on inside with me won’t you?  That won’t be a problem we have already made an appointment with the home owner’s occupants.”

“Well thank you, you’re fairly well organized.”

Mr. Robson Real Estate Investor /Broker states that the home’s ownership has changed probably a few times since then.

“I don’t know the new tenants or any of the previous owners or what they’ve have done to the home’s interior.  But as you say we are free to view the property. I do remember the home as it were then.  To me it was comfortable.”

“That’s okay ‘Gerry’ and if we have any reservations about the place we can always ask the owners.  And we’ll review the inspection report as well.”

The home did have its smells inside and probably still does.  The source of these smells came from each segment of the house.  The smells were coming from all over the house on up to the finished attic where my grandmother once had her sewing room.  There were other smells in the kitchen.  Many smells there I remembered.  One source came from down in the basement where there was a coal burning stove.  I can remember a coal storage space just below the main floor in a crawl space.  There was a coal shoot access outside.  The coal was loaded there funneling it down to the small cavity into a space in the basement.  This coal produces a very distinctive smell both before and after it burns off.  The fumes are going through the chimney.  You could smell the aroma of coal burning in the neighborhood as this made a lasting memory smell.  Good or bad these fumes from coal burning stoves were a way of life back in the 1930’s.

Mr. Robson’s advertisement: “This home location and the area around you in this part of town is situated in a very vibrant upscale neighborhood. This displays in the city’s westend.”

I’ve said it before that a great possible real estate location should be situated in close proximity with a bank, a grocery store and other restaurants. Everything should be located



within walking distance and this was.

…”Maybe if this were to be zoned to commercial then I would know exactly what I would do with it.

It would be a Pub/ Bar/ Restaurant”….

Your city / town needs more comfortable nooks and crannies about the town don’t you agree?  Let’s call and find out.


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