Anonymous Viewers

It’s a violent collision course they’re on with all their gawking and drooling they do.  Also without being rude or fragmented or anything like that they’ll try and judge you.

They view the world behind illegally darken tinted windows of their automobiles.

It’s like being in a cult following and one person says: “Beauties of having tinted windows; 1% -I can do illegal things in my car. 99%- I can rock out with sick air drum and air guitar solos.”  You obviously have tinted windows for legitimate reasons.

Why did they target me.  What are they looking at in there.  I sometimes think that if they’re not comfortable with me, what I do or the way I do my work-fine!

I’d like to use this one Instagram user as an example that followed me first.  They had a protected account on Instagram and they weren’t very computer savvy, didn’t know how to operate the system… “So I think if you follow me first and you won’t allow me to follow you back, can you imagine, that’s the quickest way to get yourself blocked.”

So I think there are many who put too much reality into their social media accounts.  This is because they are too cautious and too timid.

May I suggest that sometimes you have to leave your realities at the door just like at the movies.

Not that any one of these comments are valued comments.  Yes, they are!

I figured they have earmarked me for something else, maybe it’s a numbers


game.  But why have they selected me.

I had a friend on my FB and he was a very good photographer, illustrator, writer and creator.  He deactivated his FB account.  He had issues about people not commenting.  I commented back that yes, people will come around just give them time.

I think for the most part his friends /followers would have seen his posts and they did but they wanted to remain anonymous.  Perhaps they were viewing the world anonymously looking through their illegal tinted windows.  Why are they remaining anonymous, who’s making them do this.  It is called peer pressure.


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