We’re Driving That’s All We Do

We’re Driving that’s all we do.  And we drove for many miles on that day and that was in order to get on a flight.

They were proceeding onward with their lives, this was their plan and this was to travel, their plan was to travel to a far off destination. This destination spot, this place or whatever you want to call it would take everything and every last bit of money they have earned over the past summer, everything they had.

It would take them a week of traveling to arrive at their final destination point. This would prove to be very difficult, a transit of destitute, well sort of, yet for them this was all about the adventures.

Now the trip is over and they are on their way home. Their memories and the journey is near its end.

The Car drove on. The cars what with the traffic, be it bus or truck but mostly cars, was one after another on this night. Quite so, and one car did in fact cause an alarm, a scene but it was way up ahead of him. That driver was driving too fast.

“This is so pitch black, there is darkness outside and all those sorts of things. This is scary.”

“Yes, and do you mean night, at night as it transcends into day, the  dawn and those sorts of things?”

“Yes, and you’re so cute!”

“Oh, and?”

“Because, please be very careful Honey, it’s hard to see.”

“Yes, things jump out at you, but they’re not real are they” he asks.

“What if they were real?”


“I’ve been watching you and I’ve never seen you like this before.”

“I figured you have a thing for me,” she says.

“Do.. you..want.. to?”

“Oh, I do but I’d rather.. but wait, no, I mean not right now, not in the fear of darkness” was her reply.

Now he’s thinking, ‘Fear of Darkness’.


And out of nowhere he shouts out,

“The Global Expansion Of His Strength, Yes!”

“Maybe it’s awake,” she replies.


He asks again,

“Let’s drive some more, may as well.”

No, it doesn’t seem right for them because they’re wide awake and it’s just about 2 a.m. These past several months have been a long journey for them now near its end yet still there are many more miles to go in order to get home.  They should be home in a day or two. Yes, indeed they’re out of their element because they just have landed at midnight east coast USA. Now it’s the wee hours of morning, I mean your body thinks it several hours more, theirs could possible think it’s noon of the following day.




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