Share What You Feel

Share What You Feel

I mean what do you do, she had already invaded my space.

So I fell into a conversation with a stranger outside a convenience store. She was sitting on a curb where there is parking. I was inside the store and hadn’t seen her. I came out to retrieve the fanny pack that was inside of my bike’s saddle bag. Okay, now she was sitting on the curb very close to my motorcycle. I looked at her.  So, right then I went back inside to pay for some coffee but before I did I said, “Hello.” I mean what do you do, she had already invaded my space.  Outside again and with my coffee she was still sitting there next to my motorcycle.

Bingo time to deliver.

No time for you to deliver, I kept telling myself. There would be no time for me to introduce myself and meet this lovely young red haired woman. So I soon learned that she had no transportation. Oh my, you poor thing.

Girls do this you know, making them seem vulnerable. Highly unlikely on her part because I’m a seasoned sailor and have been around the block more than a few times.

“I’m waiting on my boyfriend,” so she says.

Oh now she says, saying she has a friend coming to pick her up. He is nearby and will be arriving shortly. I can take a hint.

She takes off her parka jacket, “Oh, it’s a little cool outside.” But not until I see her tattoos. Oh, man she’s wearing a girl’s tank top. Now she’s displaying those tattoos ever so briefly. Oh what lovely tattoos. They covered her upper torso.

“Would you like to see them,” she says.

She then proceeds to show me her tattoos of her upper half, her cleavage all shinning brightly under the sun for all to see.

*Guys, if a woman does this, don’t you flinch.

Five minutes and I will be gone. I’ll be done with her because my bike is pointing in that direction.

Then next came our conversation about her love of motorcycles. She tells me about riding them and her last ride ever on a motorcycle. It was unfortunate really, a slip on loose gravel and she lost it. It put her into a hospital. But now she’s is all healed, healthy and happy.


Peace to you Stranger!

I didn’t want anything from you. My only regrets were not giving you a great big hug!  My heart goes out to you!


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